About CWAS

The Congregationalist Wiccan Association of Saskatchewan was Formally Incorporated with the Province of Saskatchewan as a Charitable Non-Profit organization July 4, 2014.

We are a public Wiccan church, a sister church of the CWABC (established 2004) and the CWAA (established 2007) and a member of the federal Congregationalist Witchcraft Association (established 1991).

As a church we support the spiritual lives of individuals and families from birth to death and beyond, provide opportunities for spiritual growth and development in all parts of life, and build religious community.


We currently offer, or hope to offer in the near future, the following services (services may differ between Regina and Saskatoon temples):

  •  Regular public rituals.
  • Clergy services including weddings, baby blessings and funerals (note: we are not currently able to perform legal marriage ceremonies at this time, although we  hope to be able to in the future.  The CWABC and CWAA branches of our organization both currently hold legal marrying credentials).  
  • Pastoral care.
  • Workshops on a variety of topics.
  • Networking and referral services. 
  • Public information and outreach, Interfaith networking, online discussions. 
  • General Wiccan and Clergy training and mentorship

Membership is not required to attend rituals or access many of our services as these are offered as a free service to the public. All faiths and paths are welcome, we only ask respect for the service and those in attendance. 

Public rituals are open to adults and to minors accompanied by a parent. All public services are free of charge, although we welcome donations to help with operating costs.


We are not a coven or an association of covens. Members are not required to practice any particular Wiccan tradition or to participate in any training toward Initiation.

If you are interested in membership, you must have attended 3 rituals (at any temple) with in the last 12 month period, and you must sign a copy of the Statement of Ethics and Beliefs and pay an annual membership fee (currently $25 / year).   Membership renewal is open from February 1st to June 1st of the current calendar year. 

Membership benefits include voting at the Provincial AGM on issues concerning the future of the corporation, and running and voting for Executive Board positions both at the Provincial Level and Local Temple.   Some workshops, events, and services may be open only to members or give members certain privileges.   Clergy training is only open to members.  Our Board of Directors is elected annually by our members and the church is run by the members, not the clergy.

Committees of the church may have non-members involved as non-voting participants and we are open to suggestions from any interested person. 

If you have addition questions about CWASask or membership please contact us at: cwasask@gmail.com


There are currently two CWAS temples in Saskatchewan.   The Sky River Temple in Saskatoon, and the Sage Wind Temple in Regina.  

Temples may be formed by groups of a minimum of five members of CWAS, one of whom must be a clergy member, or by groups of non-members who will work together under the supervision of the Board and a mentoring clergy person for a minimum of one year. In the first case forming a Temple is a simpler process, but in both cases the members must confirm the Temple at the provincial Annual General Meeting.

Persons or groups interested in working toward establishing Temples, please contact the Chair at cwasask@gmail.com . 

The CWASask Logo was created by Chad Marks of Saskatoon