About Me

As a Bioinformatics Specialist in the Integrative Genomics Core at City of Hope, I assist scientists with microarray and next-generation sequencing analysis. I previously worked in the Bioinformatics Core (also at City of Hope), where I had similar responsibilities but also occasionally assisted with imaging and proteomic analysis.

At UMDNJ, I conducted genomics research on herpesvirses (CMV and VZV) in the lab of Dr. Hua Zhu.

For my graduate work at Princeton, I was co-advised by Dr. John Storey and Dr. James R. Broach, and my master’s thesis focused on predicting regulatory motifs by integrating sequence features, gene expression and nucleosome binding data.

As an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, I worked under the guidance of Dr. Soojin Yi, conducting evolutionary genomic analysis in primates and yeast.

I have also worked in the Education Department at Zoo Atlanta as a trained animal handler and camp counselor for 3rd-5th graders.