Carol Wang

cwang dot ecc at gmail dot com

I recently completed a research fellowship at the National University of Singapore, working under Vincent Tan. I work in algebraic coding theory. I enjoy thinking about new and strange models of coding, particularly if there is a way to use Reed-Solomon codes to solve the problem. Most of my work is on finding efficient codes for settings where errors are adversarial.

I completed my PhD in 2015 at Carnegie Mellon University, under the supervision of Venkat Guruswami. My thesis was innovatively titled "Beyond unique decoding: Topics in error-correcting codes."

I am looking for a job in the Bay area! If you or anyone you know is inundated with errors which need to be corrected, or puzzles which need to be solved, please feel free to get in touch.


Error-free communication over state-dependent channels with variable-length feedback.
    M. Kovačević, C. Wang, and V. Tan.
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Coding for the binary energy harvesting channel with finite battery.
    C. Wang and M. Motani.
    Presented at ITW 2017.

An exact spectrum formula for the maximum size of finite length block codes.
    L. Chang, C. Wang, P. Chen, V. Tan, and Y. Han.
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    (Note: It has since come to our attention that Theorem 1 is not new.)

Maximally recoverable codes for grid-like topologies.
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On the capacity of the binary adversarial wiretap channel.
    C. Wang.
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Explicit list-decodable rank-metric and subspace codes via subspace designs.
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Limitations on testable affine-invariant codes in the high-rate regime.
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