Charles W. Anderson  Masonic Lodge # 1413

Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Texas 2 December 1965

Membership 365

10103 Eveningway, San Antonio, Texas 78238

Phone 210-657-1413   Email: Lodge Email Address

Stated Communication is held on the 1st Tuesday of each Month at 7:30 pm Dinner served at 6:30 pm

Family Night Dinner is held on the 3rd Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm, with a program to follow.

Degree Practice and Candidate Instruction on Thursdays at 7:00 pm

Instructor Certification Classes are held on Sundays at 2:00pm till 4:00 pm

Our Lodge is open every Tuesday and Thursday from about 5:30 pm for Fellowship and

Degrees (Degrees normally Start at 7:00 pm).

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Wimodausis 141

Blue Bonnet Chapter & Council