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The Centinela Valley Middle School League consists of seven middle schools in the south bay region of Los Angeles county. The league encompasses the cities of Lawndale, Hawthorne, and Lennox. The league was established in the spring of 2010. The purpose of the league is to:

  1. Provide structure and direction for schools in developing their interscholastic sports programs.
  2. Foster collaboration and goodwill among players, parents and school staff.
  3. Provide opportunities for players to engage in healthy competition.
Players must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 with no F’s or U’s. It is the responsibility of coaches and/or athletic directors to enforce the policy at their respective schools.

Players are expected show respect for opponents, referees, and fans during games. Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in an ejection from the game (at the discretion of the referee). Coaches will take action against any player who does not conduct themselves with acceptable behavior.

Duties and responsibilities include: 
  1. Provide leadership for the league and act as the spokesperson.
  2. Organize and facilitate coaches meetings in the fall, winter and spring.
  3. Coordinate with the athletic directors of each school.
  4. Communicate with athletic directors, coaches and administrators about meetings, policies, disputes, etc.
  5. Update the league website with schedules, scores, and standings.
  6. Make final rulings on unresolved matters.
The league committee consists of the athletic directors of each of the participating schools. Athletic directors shall be assigned to a sport as section coordinators. Their duties and responsibilities include the following: 
  1. Provide leadership in organizing seasonal sports at their respective schools.
  2. Schedule referees and staff supervision for all home competitions.
  3. Facilitate a pre-season coaches meeting at least one month prior to the start of the season.
  4. Develop the season schedule including post season play (play-offs and championship).
  5. Collaborate with coaches to evaluate and establish policies and rules.
  6. Collaborate with coaches to evaluate player conduct & sportsmanship.
  7. Report on the results of their pre-season coaches meeting.
Section Coordinators:
  • Boys Flag Football - Manny Meza (Bud Carson Middle School)
  • Girls Volleyball - Kevin Corrinet (Dana Middle School)
  • Cross Country - Tim Pencille (Jane Addams Middle School)
  • Girls Basketball - Jose Medina (Hawthorne Middle School)
  • Boys Basketball - Pat Cleary (Will Rogers Middle School)
  • Boys Soccer - Miguel Salcedo (Lennox Middle School)
  • Girls Soccer - Travis Greenfield (Prairie Vista Middle School)

When conflicts arise concerning any aspect of an athletic contest, the head coaches and official shall seek resolution. If the conflict remains unresolved after the initial attempt at resolution, the incident should be reported to the respective athletic directors. Upon notification of an incident, the athletic directors of the schools involved shall discuss the conflict and seek resolution. Further mediation beyond the athletic directors may be sought from the league commissioner. 

The commissioner and league committee will determine sanctions. Actions may include:
  1. Probation (team or school). Official notice by the league commissioner that the committee will impose one of the sanctions below should a school fail to remedy concerns or implement the recommendations of the league committee
  2. Forfeiture of game or contest (1st offense) 
  3. Forfeiture of season for the remainder of that sport (2nd offense) 
  4. Expulsion from the Centinela Valley Middle School League (major and/or repeated offenses)
Appeals to the league sanctions shall be submitted in writing to the league commissioner or designee within one week of the imposition of the sanction. 
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