CBT ineffective for ME/CFS patients

CBT ineffective for ME/CFS patients
The former Minister of Health from The Netherlands, Hans Hoogervorst broke the guidelines of the WHO (to which a member-state is legally bound) by not recognizing ME/CFS as a separate disorder.
He could easily do this, because the health council of the Netherlands wrote a fraudulent report about this severe, multi systemic illness. How it is possible that in a democratic country, people with great conflict of interest are allowed to draft such a important document, is unbelievable.  Not only could they hide their wasting of millions of tax money during more than 15 years, by uncompromising propaganda for therapies, of which they knew that it doesn't help at all (cognitive behavioural therapy - CBT) or make patients worse (graded exercise therapy - GET) - so much worse that ME patients can become bed bound or even die. But they could also channel some million Euro's from Minister Hoogervorst via their own biopsychosocial method and their own psychiatric fatigue clinics to their own well-filled pockets. 

I have told it before and will repeat it till the truth will prevail (and it WILL prevail): the *independent* President of this committee Ms. Dr. Els Borst stabbed severe bed- and housebound ME patients to
their heart. One of them was on a stretcher with snipped trouser legs, because he couldn't bear the pain from the pressure of the material of his trousers.  Physicians in the Stalinist age (she looked and spoke in the same way), attested dissidents insane and put them in madhouses. She did exactly the same by saying: "....ME patients can be cured by graded exercise.... ! 
And such a woman dear to call herself  "physician". I wish I had the strength to summon her for the medical disciplinary council.
Now members of a Dutch university in Groningen (even a Centre of psychiatry) has written:
*Neuroaetiology of chronic fatigue syndrome: An overview* -  in which they conclude: "....This therapy (CBT), however, appears to be ineffective in many patients...."

When will Dutch parliamentarians demand the return of this millions and spend it for biological research into this invalidating illness?
And above all: when will they call for a parliamentary inquiry into the doings and dealings of Ms. Dr. Els Borst and her buddies the *fatigue* experts Jos van der Meer, Gijs Bleijenberg et al ?

 bron: Help ME Circle 18 September 2007 - Editorship : j.van.roijen@chello.nl