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handleiding (English) van Dr. E. Stein voor patiënten met ME/cvs, fibromyalgie, MCS : "Let your light shine through"

Dr. Eleanor. Stein schreef een een handleiding (English) voor patiënten met ME/cvs, fibromyalgie, MCS (meervoudige chemische sensibiliteit) en hun behandelaars, nl. "let your light shine through", die op 26 mei 2012 verscheen. Via haar website www.eleanorsteinmd.ca , tabblad "shop" kan deze handleiding besteld worden, zowel in de e-versie als in papieren versie in een ringmap met bijkomende CD.


Message from Dr. E. Stein :

" I'm happy to announce that "Let Your Light Shine Through" a psychoeducational manual for patients with ME/CFS, FM and MCS and their health care professionals was successfully launched on May 26th to an enthusiastic crowd who enjoyed  good company, good food and the good art that was displayed.  Pictures and some audio clips of the launch will be posted soon.


My website is now live and the manual can be purchased on the "Shop" page in both e-versions and hard copy.  Other information is also available on the web site including some of my earlier publications and presentations. 

Go to www.eleanorsteinmd.ca


If appropriate please post the attached notice in your office and/or pass it onto patients who may benefit.  Thanks for your interest."

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