Ashley Schellingerhout - Curriculum Vitae

 I began my teaching journey in the MDTA programme and teaching at a decile 1 school. It was an amazing opportunity for continual professional growth, especially focused on effective use of digital tools to accelerate progress. 
Below is a compilation of some of the many things I have learnt, created and shared throughout the beginning of my teaching journey.

 Professional Learning Blog and other Reflections
I love to share my learning through my professional blog. As part of this, I document myself teaching, and keep a record of exciting things I have done and been a part of.

 Mid-year reflection 2016
 End of year reflection 2016

(will be put here once finished)

 Creating to learn
 Stop-motion movie
 The movie I made for the Manaiakalani Film Festival 2016
Google Sites

Google Sites


Sharing of professional learning


 Presenting a Toolkit

  'Class on Air' Episode
Recorded Observation (Guided writing)
  Recorded Observation (Guided writing)

 Presenting an Ignite talk

 Teaching another teacher how to use Google Sites