Crescenta Valley Sportsman Club - La Crescenta, CA

Crescenta Valley Sportsman's Club

A private club dedicated to conservation of wildlife and the promotion of outdoor sporting, hunting, fishing and marksmanship.

Serving members of the Los Angeles community for over 50 years.

Location of Web pages and Information

You will notice that there is general information here that may be viewed by everyone (as-in everyone on the planet).  The interactive part of the website can be accessed at Crescenta Valley Sportsman Club Google Group.  To access this area, get yourself a Google Groups account.  A Google Groups account is free and you can use your existing email address (you don't need to get another email account unless you want to do so).  Google offers an email service called Gmail if you want to look into having another email account.    -    Maps to this website (publicly available)    -    Maps to CVSC Google Group (registration required - contact site manager for access)    -    Maps to CVSC Google Group (registration required - contact site manager for access)

Information on how to get access to the Google Group CVSC site.

Disclaimers and Rules

  • General information on this website is publicly available.
  • Current club membership required for access to all web pages that contain non-public information.
  • Don't publish, type, write, take photos, provide the street address, directions, GPS coordinates (in any format) of where the club is located.  Yes, we can see the place from space, but we don't want the location published.  The location of the club is provided only in person, not by any other means.  The location of our facility is to remain anonymous, we are not open to the public, as we are non-profit and our insurance does not cover the general public.  Those not invited to the facility and those who have not signed a liability release are trespassing and will be asked to leave.  This isn't me being a jerk, it is our lawyers, I am just the messenger.  Don't shoot the messengers, we are starting to run out of them.
  • Deadline for membership dues is January 1st, each year.  It doesn't change from year to year, pay your dues.
    If you have not paid your dues yet, your gate card will be deactivated on April 1st and your access to the website suspended.
    Oh, that goes for the liability waivers too, we need a new one each year (talk to our lawyers about that one, not the messenger).
  • The web-person is not responsible for problems with your computer and does not perform technical support.
  • It is your responsibility to maintain and secure your username and password.  Login activity will be monitored and accounts participating in suspicious behavior will have their account(s) disabled.
  • Be aware, the content here, including postings/comments made by members, are on the Internet.  It may be password protected, but if your account and password are compromised, the information here can be posted anywhere on the Internet.  This means you should not type or post content that is offensive.  No porn, nudity, offensive language, photos of things you don't want your mom/wife/kids/in-laws/priest to see or anything else that will make the club look bad in "the eyes of the world".
  • Many of the web pages between here and the pages kept on can get out of sync.  If you notice pages out of date, let us know.
  • Yes, we are serious.  No, we are not doing this to be offensive.  If your feelings are hurt, consider counseling, seriously.
    Yes, a sense of humor is not required for viewing information here, but one may prove to be very useful.



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