Medical Computer Vision and Health Informatics Workshop (CVPR 2018)

Organizers: Le Lu (Nvidia Corp. MD/DC, USA); Leo Grady (HeartFlow, Inc. CA, USA); Tal Arbel (McGill University, Canada) ; Xiaosong Wang (National Institutes of Health Clinical Center, USA) ; Nicolas Padoy (University of Strasbourg, France)

Invited Speakers (Session Chair: Tal Arbel)

8:00-8:30: Prof. Tammy Riklin Raviv (Ben Gurion University, Israel), "Deep Learning for Biomedical Imaging: Can We Get Better, Higher or Faster?"

8:30-9:00: Prof. Tom Fletcher (Utah, USA), "Regression Modeling on Manifolds for Analyzing Brain Shape and Functional Networks"

9:00-9:30: Dr. Francois Brémond (Inria, France), "Activity Recognition for Assessing Behaviour Disorder"

9:30-10:00: Ms. Serena Yeung (Stanford, USA), "Towards Ambient Intelligence in AI-Assisted Hospitals"

-- Break (15 minutes) (Session Chair: Xiaosong Wang)

10:15-10:45: Prof. MiaoMiao Zhang (Lehigh, USA), "Efficient statistical shape analysis based on geometric deformations"

10:45-11:15: Dr. Yan Ke (NIH, USA), "Deep Lesion Database and Deep Lesion Graphs on Relationship Learning and Organization of Significant Radiology Image Findings"

11:15-11:45: Prof. Nicolas Padoy (Strasbourg, France), "Semi-supervised Learning for Phase Recognition in Endoscopic Videos"

11:45-12:15 Prof. Greg Hager (Johns Hopkins, USA), "Quantifying Surgery from Video Data"

-- Lunch (75 minutes) (Session Chair: Leo Grady)

1:30-2:00: Prof. Adrien Bartoli (Clermont Ferrand, France), "Using Computer Vision for Computer-Aided Surgery by Augmenting Laparoscopy with Preoperative Image Data"

2:00-2:30: Prof. Raphael Sznitman (Bern, Switzerland), "Beyond Naive Labeling: Active Learning and Passive Annotations for Medical Imaging "

2:30-3:00: Prof. Rene Vidal (JHU, USA), "Blood Cell Reconstruction, Detection, Classification and Counting in Holographic Images "

3:00-3:30 Dr. Xiaosong Wang(NIH, USA), "Mine Deeper & Learn Wider: a Perspective on Distilling Radiological Reports for Chest X-ray Analysis"

-- Break (15 minutes) (Session Chair: Nicolas Padoy)

3:45-4:15: Dr. Leo Grady (HeartFlow, USA), "Personalized Blood Flow Simulation from an Image-Derived Model: Changing the Paradigm for Cardiovascular Diagnostics"

4:15-4:45: Dr. Mehdi Moradi (IBM, USA), "Bi-modal and Semi-supervised Models for Deep Learning in Non-curated Medical Image Collections"

4:45-5:15: Prof. Nicolas Thome (CNAM, France), "Semantic Segmentation with Incomplete Annotations"

5:15-5:45: Prof. Thomas Fuchs (MSKCC, USA), "Computational Pathology at Scale: Changing Clinical Practice One Petabyte at a Time"

5:45-6:15: Prof. Alex Frangi (Sheffield, UK), "Population imaging analytics: progress, challenges and opportunities"