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Side by side comparison between movie description and crowd worker

In this page, we show example clips from the LSMDC dataset [33,29]. We converted the movie clips into the animated GIF format, and then used the same pipeline described in our submission to crowdsource descriptions for the clips. Below each movie clip, we show
  1. crowdsourced description (CW)

  2. original description found in the LSMDC dataset (MD)

Example NO. 1

  1. CW: a man is looking at other men who are dressed in white clothing

  2. MD: the goondas stand .

Example NO. 2

  1. CW: a monster tentacle is feeling a mans shoulder

  2. MD: sensing something someone grins .

Example NO. 3

  1. CW: a group of people are looking at something in a room

  2. MD: seated fans crane for a look a man points someone takes a deep breath .

Example NO. 4

  1. CW: two people are kissing on a boat.

  2. MD: someone glances at a kissing couple then steps to a railing overlooking the ocean an older man and woman stand beside him .

Example NO. 5

  1. CW: a police woman has a gun in her hand and points to a man, it is also winter

  2. MD: conscious of the noise she shows with a twist of her shoulder the armpatch insignia .

Example NO. 6

  1. CW: a man is walking toward a foggy window

  2. MD: reflected in the plaque we see someone entering the room with a young man .

Example NO. 7

  1. CW: the lights of buildings are being videotaped from the sky.

  2. MD: we fly past skyscrapers .

Example NO. 8

  1. CW: a wild crane busted windows in a skyscraper

  2. MD: they throw themselves to the floor as the girder smashes through the window .

Example NO. 9

  1. CW: a woman is staring at a tiny baby she is holding

  2. MD: we see her lying in bed with a burp cloth draped over her shoulder feeding the baby .

Example NO. 10

  1. CW: two men got into their car and not able to go anywhere because the wheels were locked

  2. MD: someone slides over the camaros hood then gets in with his partner he starts the engine the revving vintage car starts to backup then lurches to a halt .

Example NO. 11

  1. CW: a blue car backs out of a parking lot as two people wave.

  2. MD: someone pulls out in a little blue hatchback .

Example NO. 12

  1. CW: men in white shirts are sitting at a table

  2. MD: one man glances over .

Example NO. 13

  1. CW: a man in a shirt and tie sits beside a person who is covered in a sheet.

  2. MD: he makes eye contact with the woman for only a second .

Example NO. 14

  1. CW: a woman in red car is talking to a girl who is outside

  2. MD: shifting her bewildered gaze the student shrugs .

Example NO. 15

  1. CW: a man dressed in a colonial costume is walking through a door

  2. MD: a servant appears .

Example NO. 16

  1. CW: two men sit at a table and then look at someone.

  2. MD: someone exchanges a look with the bear .

Example NO. 17

  1. CW: a man's butt is smoking while a boat is on fire

  2. MD: a fire blazes in the middle of the boat .

Example NO. 18

  1. CW: a man walks through a door to face a group of people in the living room

  2. MD: sal introduces someone he sports a hip close cropped haircut .

Example NO. 19

  1. CW: a man wearing a t-shirt is talking on the phone to another man

  2. MD: he rinses his hand .

Example NO. 20

  1. CW: a man is sitting at a table drinking in a futuristic looking room

  2. MD: his attention fixed on a holographic video before him .

Example NO. 21

  1. CW: two men are talking to each other while a woman looks at them

  2. MD: someone steps out of the safe house someone glances at the door where the blonde nods to him .

Example NO. 22

  1. CW: a woman is looking at a man who is teaching and she looks angry

  2. MD: someone glares .

Example NO. 23

  1. CW: two men are in a car traveling fast down a highway

  2. MD: someone reaches one arm across dude s body to grab the laundry .

Example NO. 24

  1. CW: man looks with eyes wide open and speaks.

  2. MD: someone looks up at someone in shock .

Example NO. 25

  1. CW: a woman is setting up a window display

  2. MD: on a rainy street corner someone puts two piles of slim hardbacks with pale blue covers into the window of a bookshop .

Example NO. 26

  1. CW: a man hits another man in the face with a long bar.

  2. MD: he hits him twice more ripping the mask right off .

Example NO. 27

  1. CW: a man in a suit walks toward a hospital room and reaches for the folder outside the door.

  2. MD: at the hospital someone walks over to a private room and peeps in .

Example NO. 28

  1. CW: a person is on the ground at night while another person comes up to them.

  2. MD: someone looks at the exhausted horse and put his hand on his pistol .

Example NO. 29

  1. CW: a man holding books laughs and walks away from a woman.

  2. MD: holds his chest but quickly smiles .

Example NO. 30

  1. CW: a man and woman smile at each other and walk away together

  2. MD: with a smitten look she leaves with him .

Example NO. 31

  1. CW: people walk through the busy city as two small cars drive into the crowd.

  2. MD: they drive away our view lurches backward in brief irregular bursts of fast motion as we watch a pair of black suvs pull out and follow them .

Example NO. 32

  1. CW: a blonde haired woman and man are sitting at a bar

  2. MD: an aerial view shows the city at dawn at the field office .

Example NO. 33

  1. CW: clouds are rolling across the sky, and people are boating.

  2. MD: two mountains frame a distant view of fast motion traffic on a highway .

Example NO. 34

  1. CW: a man is swinging from building to building over a train track

  2. MD: again someone sweeps the passenger up before he hits the track and then places him in a web mat .

Example NO. 35

  1. CW: a man is attacked by a seagull as a group of men watch.

  2. MD: someone struggles to hang on to the scrolls .

Example NO. 36

  1. CW: a city and fields with crop circles are being shown

  2. MD: the fields are green brown and muddy yellow .

Example NO. 37

  1. CW: two men are sitting on the floor and talking.

  2. MD: someone nods and raises his eyebrows .

Example NO. 38

  1. CW: a man abruptly gets up and leaves the house

  2. MD: red flashing light spills into the room and someone strides over to the window .

Example NO. 39

  1. CW: a man is in a dark apartment looking for something

  2. MD: it rolls off the side but he catches it and puts it back .

Example NO. 40

  1. CW: two magazines are being displayed and a person is walking by them

  2. MD: close on on various supermarket tabloids as a hand flips through them .

Example NO. 41

  1. CW: a person with no shoes on is walking

  2. MD: his bare foot steps onto asphalt .

Example NO. 42

  1. CW: a man sitting on a toilet is frightened.

  2. MD: someone is going through the groom s trousers .

Example NO. 43

  1. CW: a man carries a child as another child follows.

  2. MD: someone picks up his son s limp body in his arms .

Example NO. 44

  1. CW: a woman is in a dark room in front of a barred window

  2. MD: she pauses by a window and gazed outward .

Example NO. 45

  1. CW: a man plays piano as a woman stands and two dogs play.

  2. MD: amazed someone starts to play the rondo again .

Example NO. 46

  1. CW: a man walks up to another man while other people watch.

  2. MD: the gang leader steps in close to the traveler and lazily caresses his lapel .

Example NO. 47

  1. CW: a man looks at a ball as another sits on a toilet.

  2. MD: he pulls out a bowling ball and examines it in the manner of a superstitious native .

Example NO. 48

  1. CW: an old woman is throwing a man onto a bed

  2. MD: someone pushes someone back onto her bed .

Example NO. 49

  1. CW: police cars are surrounding a building while two police officers are walking towards the door

  2. MD: below officers creep toward the entrance the door and points a gun .

Example NO. 50

  1. CW: a man and a little boy are talking

  2. MD: someone nods .