Note, the workshop will take place in Room 204, except for the lunch/dinner events.


 Room 108: Working Lunch (open to all speakers/presenters, presentation of NSF proposal)

 ActivityNet, Fei-Fei Li / Juan-Carlos Niebles
  1:30-2:00 OntoNotes: Towards Integrated Linguistic Analysis, Sameer Pradhan (Boulder Language Technologies)

 Poster Spotlights

 Afternoon Break & Poster Session

 UCF Action Data Sets, Mubarak Shah (Univ. of Central Florida)

 The Dataset Virus: The Infection of Ideas Through Data, Larry Zitnick (Microsoft Research)

 Discussion: Input from community on whether/how to federate datasets

 Room 108: Working Dinner (by invitation; for speakers/presenters and NSF proposal PIs)

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