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The curiosity of five Chula Vista High School students and their counselor to expose popular themes amongst the student body, created a group now know as Chula Vista Peer Education and Community Engagement Club (CV PEACE). Currently, CV PEACE is composed of over fifty volunteer students who are working to enrich, not only the school culture at Chula Vista High School, but also the culture of the Chula Vista community. After school, students receive leadership training and meet to discuss topics such as teen violence, relationships, teen pregnancy prevention, college applications, college financial aid, and career exploration. Using this training, students have found a dynamic way to get the attention of their peers and the community. These young men and women have learned to use video cameras and editing software as theirs tools to produce, record and edit video content in order to create public service announcements and music videos for the CV PEACE website and the school’s closed circuit television channel.


These students do not only expose current problems, but they also are trying to find solutions. The City of Chula Vista has experienced major budget cuts to the graffiti clean up department and because of this the students of CV PEACE have taken it upon themselves to clean up their city and paint over any exposed graffiti. This group is the largest student driven graffiti clean up group sanctioned by the City of Chula Vista. They have been and will continue to go out two Saturdays a month for 4 hours to take back their community. CV PEACE has also coordinated canned food drives, clothes and blanket drives and school campus clean ups.


The goal of CV PEACE is to duplicate what they have created at all the schools in the nation. They hope to become a non-profit organization, which will travel to schools and allow other students to be part of this movement.

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