5) Community College

A community college is a publicly supported and locally oriented college that provides programs to: help you transfer to a four-year college, pursue career education programs, take remedial or "catch-up" programs, and offer coursework for cultural growth, life enrichment, and skills improvement.

The California Community Colleges are one educational option among many. In California, some students apply to the University of California or the California State University or independent universities and colleges. The California Community Colleges, though, offer many students huge advantages through a greater variety of programs.

At a community college you can take classes to prepare you for college-level math and English, receive career training to get in the workforce quickly and affordably, and complete lower division courses that are transferable to a four-year college or university. A community college is a good choice for anyone who may want to attend a four-year school later but who is not yet academically, personally, or economically ready to begin study at a university. Community college is also a good option for those who are unemployed or under-employed and want to be retrained to work in emerging and in-demand industries such as health care and green jobs.