I am currently a postdoc at the US EPA in the Office of Research and Development in North Carolina. I earned a PhD from the Environmental Engineering department at CU Boulder under Daven Henze and Jana Milford as part of the Collaborative for Air Quality Research.

My research motivation is to work toward more efficient, less polluting energy generation and consumption that improves quality of life. My current research uses the US EPA 9-region MARKAL model to evaluate the effect of possible policy scenarios on the future US energy mix. I analyze damage based fees on criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from energy use in the US. I am also working toward expanding this policy analysis to include air quality change and benefits analysis using the CMAQ and BenMAP models. In addition, current work is expanding the damages considered beyond that of criteria air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

 Kristen presenting her work at conferences and standing in front of emissions control equipment at a natural gas power plant.
Kristen standing in front of emissions control equipment at a power plant.