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Registration Form

1.) STEP ONE - Complete the Registration Form below for a spot on a Fall 2017 team. NOTE: You need to click on the Submit button (bottom, left) when you finish.  You will know that it was submitted correctly if you then see a "thank you" message.  If you don't see this, you may have to go back and answer any required questions that you missed and then, click "Submit".  Then, please continue to Steps Two and Three (see below)

Register Form ‎‎(Fall 2017)‎‎

2.) STEP TWO - Please click on one of the links below to make your payment**:

Full Season ($65) - full season, includes tournament & uniform jersey

Partial Season ($35) - discount if player starts game #6 (Oct. 8) or later, includes tournament & uniform jersey

**If you would prefer,  please bring cash or check payment to your captain (checks payable to "Charlottesville Women's Soccer").

    A.  Read over the CWS & MONU Field Rules
    B.  Read over the CWS Concussion Policy
    C.  Print and Sign the Liability Waiver

Bring the Liability Waiver with you to the field and give it to your captain. Thank you for completing this step - it's how we keep play fair and safe for all and it's extremely important for our insurance.