You only may compete and play with robot if I have a parents email and they complete paperwork online.

continue with Coderz but learning MIT App Inventor is more important


 Images from Twitter re: FTC Our Field is Better than Yours

#purplefire has great videos of startup robots

 Programming Go to the following site:
 Intelitek FIRST Tech Challenge Android Platform Training modules:  
    Part 1: Platform elements, how they work, and how they interact
    Part 2: App Inventor
    Part 3: Android Studio (Java Programming)

Our training programs for new or existing FIRST® teams are an easily accessible on-line learning environment that will engage you by introducing the Android platform hardware, provide training material to master App Inventor programming and Java programming with Android Studio.
 Programming also  Go to the FTC Mentor Manual on the thumb drive or here

    p 73 - 75   and at this link here
 Strategy and Basic Planning Go to the FTC Mentor Manual on the thumb drive or here

    p 65 - p 71
 Everyone should read this
 Building         Go to the FTC Mentor Manual on the thumb drive or here

    p 71 - 73
 Outreach Activities Go to the FTC Mentor Manual on the thumb drive or here

    p 93 - 94
 Engineering Notebook Go to the FTC Mentor Manual on the thumb drive or here

    p 58 - 60
 Marketing and business Strategies for Teams  
 Business Plan Overview

  Sample Business Plan here
 Fundraising Guide 
 Creating an online presenceread

For Social Media Guidelines

 email, webpage,  facebook,  youtube channel
 Team Spirit 
 Official Logos  are here 
 t-shirt design what is required 

Nationally Registered:
FIRST Dashboard for Cyborg Southerners here
Additional Ideas for Team Funding here
Fundraising Toolkit at this link

Info is here

Team: 11464

Illinois FIRST Registered: Cannot register until get official team number and not the temporary number above when able to register for FIRST Illinois 

WE CAN EASILY CHANGE OUR NAME that is reflective of the image that we want to portray in our community

Meeting Date Activity
  Words for new name here
 What is FIRST Tech challenge?

 Youtube video here

Team Basics:

Print Off instructions for certain groups here:

Officers Announced
  Team Designations and Leaders Assigned
  FIRST Tech Challenge  Dates

Use this website to inform team: 


  Design, build and test a robot. Then compete against other team's robots. 

As a rookie team, our focus this year will be learning the ropes and having fun!

EARLY SEPTEMBER is when FIRST releases its new challenge