Chetan Verma

Data Scientist
Ads User Modeling team
Dec 2015 - Present

Adviser: Prof. Sujit Dey 


Dec 2015
Joined Ads Machine Learning team at Twitter 
 Dec 2015Defended my dissertation! 
Aug 2015  Our paper accepted at BuildSys'15! See Publications.
Jul 2015 Our paper accepted at Elsevier Expert Systems and Applications! See Publications for details. 
Jul 2015 Paper accepted in IEEE Access! See Publications for details. 
Apr 2015 Traveling to Barcelona for ICEIS 2015 conference. ConferenceLink
Apr 2015 Received the Science and Engineering Library Award for Best Use of the Literature during UCSD Research Expo 2015. TwitterUCSDLibrary
Mar 2015 Our submission to ICEIS'15 accepted as a full paper, and is nominated for best student paper award! See Publications
Jun 2014 Going to intern at Symantec Research Labs (Mountain View) for Summer 2014 - Winter 2015.
Jun 2014 Cleared PhD Qualification exams 
Dec 2013 Poster paper accepted at WWW 2014. ConferenceLink
Nov 2013 Visiting IIT Hyderabad for guest lecture. Link 
Jun 2013 Going to intern at Yahoo Labs (Bangalore) for Summer-Fall 
Jun 2013 Gave a demo to Huawei on user preference estimation using watched videos
Aug 2013 Video classification paper accepted at IEEE/ACM WI-2013. ConferenceLink
Mar 2012 Received the International Center Outstanding Contributor Award ECE, UCSD (2012) 
Dec 2011 Cleared PhD Preliminary exams. 
Jun 2013 Upcoming talk at UCSD CWC research review 

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