nocnoc sample tunes

Demoscene use only

I've been playing with Buzz for some time now. Basically, its an obsolete and incredible free sequencer. These are some samples random results i've come up with. Its rather demoscene related. If you like'em, let me know.


Track sample 1 

Track sample 2

Track sample 3

Track sample 4

Track sample 5

Track sample 6

nocnoc17th - added Oct 15th, 2007 - my 17th buzz theme - published at Nectarine

Groovy - added Oct 15th 2007, done using a few new VSTs

Evolution - presented at Flashparty 2007, Argentina (AFAIK, it came out 4th)

broken_skies.mp3 - April 2008

tax_evasion.mp3 - May 2008

Essence - August 2008