Microfinancing is about obtaining finance ... in small incriments
                                       ... from many people.... the world over.
Microfinancing means you, and you team, are






......Saving Farms

....Promoting Ecosystems....

And even having the feeling along the way that you too can 
'walk on water!'... 
if there is rock solid structures below you.

While the objective of micro-financing  is to obtain funding..... what is intitally needed is direction. Hence the Different sites to look into page as well as the development of the "500+ Project"  that is 500+ Microfinancing sites list with notes.
That is what the development of this site is all about. For this to occure we need your input in any of these six areas :

1) Forming a 'core group' of 100 + people to share the message around. Check the Thunderclap message

2) Suggestions and information gathers.

3) Tweeters and Retweeters.

4) Social Sites such as Facebook and Google and their associated Fanpages, Groups, Communities and of course through LinkedIn.

5) Hotlinkers ~sounds cool ~ but it means to place posts onto your own curated boards [such as Kippt, Pocket, Wish, LockerRoom.] Oh yes and all of the other visual boards like Pinterest etc as well. 

6) and or anywhere else that this message can get to.

Thank you, ahead of time, for your interest and possitive attitude.

But please, 
sometimes throughout
 the pile of work,
 the hassels, 
cries of alarm,
 that feeling that you
 just do not want 
to carry on anymore.

Know that the end 
is nearer than 
when you began.  
Have faith that 
you have faith.  
Have the belief 
in the team 
you have created.

In what you are achieving.

But best yet,
 that the community
 is awake
 and alive
 with your finger
 on their 
activity pulse.