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April 15, 2021 Meeting Notice

7:00PM via Zoom

Josiah B. Grinnell & the Underground Railroad

by David Connon

David Connon at Cedar Valley CW Roundtable -- Oct 2019

Some Midwest Routes of the Underground Railroad

Connon one of the Roundtable's favorite speakers, was scheduled for our January meeting. Due to a slip on the ice, he suffered a slight concussion and needed to cancel. We're pleased David has recovered and will be our April speaker.

His previous programs featured Iowans who had enlisted in the Confederacy. He researched these soldiers in between working as an interpreter in the Iowa Living History Farms Pharmacy. The book Iowa Confederates in the Civil War, was published by Connon in 2019. He also maintains an online blog “Confederates from Iowa; Not to defend but to Understand.”

Originally Connon was researching Josiah Bushnell Grinnell and his involvement with the Underground Railroad when he discovered information on Iowa soldiers serving in the CSA. He sidetracked for a few years and now is returning to the subject of Grinnell and the Underground Railroad.

Josiah Bushnell Grinnell (1821-1891) was born in Vermont and came to Iowa in 1854. During his lifetime Grinnell wore many hats-- Presbyterian minister, Iowa Senator, US Congressman, attorney and abolitionist. Connon will tell us about Grinnell's involvement with John Brown, work with the Underground Railroad and the controversies encountered in the town of Grinnell.

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