While the primary focus of the Scouting program is to engage our young Scouts in an Outdoor Classroom, we also understand that such an experience could not be possible without support from parents, community members, and civic organization in our Council area.

Our Scouts learn fiscal responsibility in budgeting their outings and generating the funds they need through fundraisers, popcorn sales, and personal contributions.

Basic Costs

  • Registration: $10 to the National Council.
  • Boys' Life: $12 magazine subscription.
  • Accident Insurance: is just a few dollars per Scout and protects you from medical bills from an accident in Scouting.
  • Program Materials: includes books and supplies, flags, camping equipment, and more.
  • Advancement: costs include awards, ranks, patches, and more.
Activity Costs
  • Activities: Pinewood Derbies, trips, ball games, camping, and much more.
  • Camp programs are also age-appropriate:
    • Cub Scouts attend Day Camp, Cub Scout Resident Camp, and Family Camp.
    • Webelos Scouts attend Webelos Resident Camp tailored to their growing interests and abilities.
  • Equipment includes Uniforms, sleeping bags, tents, etc.
  • Unit Expenses: Each Scout's fair share of unit recharter, training, fees, equipment, etc. 
Additionally, the Chippewa Valley Council relies on direct funding through the Friends of Scouting program to continue to provide training and supporting materials for its leaders. 

 Here are the current fundraising activities Pack 127 take part in.  Feel free to click each for more information.


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