In conjunction with ICCV 2015, Santiago, Chile


   Sebastian Ramos                Markus Enzweiler              Michael James                      Will Maddern                       Elmar Mair                        Jonas Witt                         Geoff Ballew
   Daimler AG R&D /                   Daimler AG R&D               Toyota Research                     Univ. of Oxford                          Atieva                       Robert Bosch RTC                         NVIDIA
       TU Dresden


Autonomous vehicles started as a distant dream just a few decades ago. However, thanks to the recent great progress made in many fields of computer science and engineering, this dream is now becoming reality. Autonomous vehicles will revolutionize our society by improving our current mobility models, and most importantly, by radically reducing the number of road fatalities.

In particular, computer vision plays a central role in the perception and understanding capabilities that these vehicles required to be able to correctly operate not only under standard conditions, but also at the most unexpected situations.

The goal of this tutorial is to present the concrete modules needed to build a vision system suitable for autonomous vehicles. We will also present an overview of the recent history of autonomous driving technologies and a summary of the current challenges and perspectives from the academy and industry regarding this problem.