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    Welcome to this Cuyahoga County, Ohio site. My name is Denise Wells and I am the coordinator for this site. My interest in Cuyahoga County stems from my great great grandparents arrival in this city about 1863.  They came to Cleveland from Haverstraw, Rockland County, New York.  From my research, it appears that both of my great grandparents came to the United States from Ireland with their respective families in about 1832 as children.  Where they lived as children, I do not yet know; however, they lived and had children in Haverstraw, NY, prior to moving to the City of Cleveland.  After arriving in this City, they had additional children, living near the lake on Mulberry Street.  Why did they choose this city and community?  I believe because my great great grandmother had a brother or other family member who lived in this area.  But that is still yet to be totally revealed to me in my research. 
    My goal in fostering this County Site is to learn more about the history of Cleveland and of Cuyahoga County, and to bring to you information and items that are not, or may not, be available on other Cuyahoga County websites. I do not intend to compete with any other Cuyahoga County sites, but is just to explore my interest in this community, and to hopefully provide information for others. 
    In 2007, I was fortunate to visit the city and spend a little time in the specific area  in which my great great grandparents lived.  Although very different than the time at which they resided here, it was still a thrill to know that they walked the streets I visited, lived there and raised my great grandfather and his siblings on old Mulberry Street.  It is exciting to learn how they contributed to that community.  At least one of my great uncles worked for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which probably employed many, many residents of Cleveland and its surrounding communities.  I was able to visit a church they attended.  I photographed two houses in which family members lived which are still standing in Lakewood.  These areas touched my heart because they were a home for my Irish immigrants.  I uncovered and photographed overgrown cemetery markers which contained the names of family members in an old, old cemetery in the heart of the city.  Stones I began to believe would never be located!  (Of course, my daughter was just not that interested and was upset because we ruined manicures digging those stones out with our fingers!) 
    This county was like a new and exciting adventure to me as I had never visited Cleveland or Cuyahoga County before and I was thrilled seeing all of the hills and valleys and creeks of the area.  I was surprised at all of the "ups and downs' of the county.
    Thus, my interest in bringing the material that I can to you.  This site will probably present more history than genealogy, but without the history of a community, part of the story of our families is missing.  It is nice to learn and understand what these homes of our ancestors was like.  I hope you enjoy your time visiting this site, and should you choose to share some of your history, genealogy and photos of Cuyahoga County and its cities towns and communities, I would be glad to place them here. 
    Thanks so much for visiting.  I look forward to our coming adventures. 

Cuyahoga County is situated in the north east quadrant of Ohio. Neighboring counties include: Lake, to the northeast; Geauga County, to the east; Summit, to the southeast; Portgage, to the southeast corner; Medina, to the southwest; and Lorain, to the west. Cuyahoga County's northern border lies along Lake Erie.
The county is named after the Native American word Cuyahoga (which is possibly Algonguian), which means "crooked river." The County Seat of Cuyahoga is Cleveland.


With respect to any transcriptions on this site from the History of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, I am stating the following disclaimer:

Volunteers are transcribing the contents of the out-of-copyright, out-of-print book, History of Cuyahoga County, Ohio, compiled by Crisfield Johnson, published by D. W. Ensign & Co., 1879, exactly as published. Please be aware that spelling discrepancies can occur of some surnames and other errors in the entries, including use of language rules not generally accepted today. Any researcher using the historical information contained in these transcriptions for publication elsewhere should first verify the contents against other published sources. As always, any material that is not an original source document should be treated, at best, as clues and potential information and researched further.

I need your help! It is my goal to add more data to this site to help those researching their Cuyahoga roots. If you have family histories, obituaries, birth, marriage and death records, news stories or any other Cuyahoga County info, please contact me.  
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