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Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias


Transcribed by Helen Rosenstein Wolf 


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Cleveland Lodge No. 13, I. O. O. F., was granted a charter April 16, 1842, but was not regularly instituted until May 14th of the same year.  This is the oldest lodge in Northern Ohio.  The charter members were Gideon F. Tindall, John Forbey, J. H. Monroe, J. J. Phillips, Francis Harding, S. B. Logan, Isaac Cornell, D. A. Eddy, Albert Harris, William Cubbin, Edward Downs. 

The following is a list of the Noble Grands, with the years in which they held office.  From the organization until January 1, 1847, the term of office was three months; since that time it has been six months.  The Noble Grands of each year are arranged in the order in which they occupied the chair:  In 1842, Gideon F. Tindall, Edward Downs, and S. B. Logan;  1843, Henry Morgan, Madison Miller, Robert Johnston and George Judkins;  1844, William Bailey, Nelson Hayward, J. K. Baker and Henry Morgan;  1845, Robert Bailey, William Cubbin, David Russell and G. F. Tindall;  1846, William Smith, John Shelley, F. J. Hamilton and James F. Wilbur;  1847, W. Thompson and W. Strong;  1848, W. Strong and J. S. Andrews;  1849, E. F. Punderson and George A. Stanley;  1850, J. E. Williams and Richard Wynne;  1851, L. D. Griswold and James Chubb;  1852, George H. Adams and Justin Morrison;  1853, David Schuh and William H. Nay;  1854, Henry Frissell and George W. Berry;  1855, Charles H. Babeeck and Geroge F. Marshall;  1856, Isaac N. Pillsbury and A. C. Brainard;  1857, William H. Nay and Hamilton Stickney;  1858, R. H.  Boggs and H. P. Jones;  1859, John S. Martin and J. M. Blackburn;  1860, William J. Rhodes and Thomas D. Christian;  1861, David G. Rabon and William Yapp;  1862, A. S. Allen and S. C. Hurd;  1863, William Wood and Frederick Dalton;  1864, Matthew Wilson and S. A. Haven;  1865, Henry Bowley and B. McGrath;  1866, Nathan Carnigie and J. S. Perley;  1867, F. R. Humphrey and Thomas Simmons;  1868, S. W. Rowe and John H. Richardson;  1869, Thomas J. McGarry and William P. Luse;  1870, David A. Cattell and George H. Macy;  1871, William W. Castle and Benjamin Kingsborough;  1872, C. W. Dill and Samuel Haynes;  1873, Philip Megerth and Thomas Rowell;  1874, J. H. Deckand and G. L. Benton;  1875, J. J. Farwell and James A. Robinson;  1876, J. J. Quay and S. H. Johnson;  1877, C. E. Page and W. C. Fisk;  1878, A. C. Longacre and S. B. Corregan. 

The lodge has a present membership of one hundred and seventy-nine, and meets each Monday evening in the Odd Fellows’ Hall, No. 34 Monumental Square.  The present officers of the lodge are as follows:  H. Watterson, N. G.; W. H. Newton, V. G.; James A. Robinson, Rec. Sec.; G. A. Randall, Per. Sec.; W. J. Rhodes, treasurer. 


Cuyahoga Lodge No. 22, I. O. O. F., now numbering over one hundred and fifty members, hold regular weekly meetings at No. 34 Monumental Square.  The officers of the lodge are elected every six months.  The present officers are O. Fraser, P. G.; E. H. Strass, N. G.; J. Collins, V. G.; F. Baylor, R. S.; H. Bolton, P.S.; J. s. Wood, treasurer; A. Inglis, W.; H. A. Heimsmith, C.; T. Kain, R. S. N. G.; George Weekerling, L. S. N. G.; J. A. smith, r. S. V. G.; Charles Lloyd, L. S. V. G.; W. Eolochan, R. S. S.; J. P. Neil, L.S.S.; J. Wilson, T. G. 

Erie Lodge No. 27, I. O. O. F., was organized May 8, 1844, and has now a membership of two hundred and ten.  The officers are Wm. E. Starling, N. G.; Geo. M. Kinsey, V. G.; C. P. Allen, R. S., J. D. Anderson, P. S.; James Hays, T.  Regular meetings re held in Odd Fellows’ Block, corner of Pearl and church streets, every Friday evening. 


Phoenix Lodge No. 233, I. O. O. F.; was organized March 27, 1854, at which time the following persons were elected officers:  G. E. Starkweather, N. G.; Charles A. Crumb, V. G.; Sanford J. Lewis, permanent secretary; Charles W. Standart, recording secretary; G. B. Folsom, treasurer.  These, with the addition of Charles w. Palmer and G. E. Russell, comprised the charter members of the society.  Officers are elected semi-annually in January and July of each year.  The succession of presiding officers has been as follows, with the dates of election respectively:  G. E. Starkweather, 1854; C. A. Crumb, 1854; C. W. Standart, 1855; C. W. Palmer, 1855; Belden Seymour, 1856; Hiram Stone, 1956; J. H. Miller, 1857; Francis Foster, 1857; S. N. Nelson, 1858; W. Welsh, 1858; H. Parsons, 1859; Dan’l. Stephan, 1859.  S. N. Nelson, 1860; L. R. Morris, 1860; Geo. W. Turner, 1861; L. D. Twitchell, 1861; S. J. Burlison, 1862; Jas. Neville, 1862; Ambrose Anthony, 1863; J. Wylie Smith, 1863; A. T. Van Tassell, 1864; M. E. Beckwith, 1864; J. B. Shull, 1865; W. W. Williams, 1865; Y. Maytham, 1866; J. Rigg, 1866; Wm. J. Ranney, 1867; J. M. Drake, 1867; John J. Cannon, 1868; Belden Seymour, 1868; Elias Ede, 1869; Conrad Deubel, 1869; Benj. Britton, 1870; W. W. Gould, 1870; G. L. Barber, 1871; A. Hartsell, 1871; J. M. Ribble, 1872; J. Rigg, 1872; E. J. Chubb, 1873; H. E. Chubb, 1873; A. D. Beckwith, 1874; E. K. Wilcox, 1874; M. A. Shane, 1875; C. C. Campbell, 1875; J. W. Anthony, 1876; W. M. Redman, 1876; J. C. Skeel, 1877; H. S. Nelson, 1877; E. E. Brown, 1878; Belden Seymour,  1878-9.

Phoenix Lodge dedicated its first hall August 2, 1854, on which occasion interesting addresses were made by Chas. W. Palmer and Dr. Walter Prentice.  This place of meeting was in Sanford’s Hall, Detroit street, West Side. 

The first anniversary was publicly celebrated March 27, 1855; and an address delivered by the Noble Grand, Chas W. Palmer. 

Phoenix Lodge has furnished two Grand Masters of the State of Ohio, Belden Seymour and E. K. Wilcox, the former of whom was also grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of the United States. 

The present officers are as follows:  Belden Seymour, N. G.; E. K. Wilcox, V. G.; J. C. Cannon, R. S.; H. E. Chubb, P.S.; J. Wagner, T.; S. N. Nelson, R. S. N.; A. A. Wonham, L.S. N. G.; J. Wylie Smith, R. S. V. G.; John Nelson, L. S. V. G.; R. Bacon, C.; Alex. Hadden, W.; J. H. Lockwood, R. S. S.; W. M. Crowell, L. S. S.; A. Kinney, I. G.; W. W. Williams, O. G. 

The number of members enrolled and paying dues is two hundred and fifteen.  The present place of meeting is in the fine hall built and owned jointly by Phoenix and Erie Lodges, corner of Pearl and Church streets, West Side.  Phoenix Lodge meets every Monday evening. 


Cataract Lodge, No. 295, I. O. O. F., was organized September 18, 1855.  The first offices were as follows:  Leander Firestone, N. G.; John Quayle, V. G.; Joseph Turney, R. S.; C. P. Jewett, P. S.; B. S. Wiggins, T.; Clark Caley, W.; A. J. Spencer, C.; N. T. Meach, I. G.; E. Shepard, O. G.  Officers are elected semi-annually.  The Lodge numbers at present one hundred and five members, and meets Wednesday evenings at No. 2,583 Broadway.  The present officers are M. K. Shoemaker, N.G.; Wm. P. Braund, V. G.; H. L. Reed, R. S.; A. J. Spencer, P. S.; F. K. Reed, T.; Daniel Kelley, W.; R. S. Corlett, C.; Jacob Kohlman, I. G.; Thos. Richardson, O. G.; C. A. Marble, R. S. N. G.; Eli Cannell, L. S. N. G.; Benj. Sawyer, R. S. V. G.; R. Woodley, L. S. V. G. 


This Lodge, No. 370, I. O. O. F., was organized July 9, 1863, with twenty-two members.  It now has a membership of one hundred and eighty-one.  The officers are Frank Kysella, N. G.; Wm. Heinzman, V. G.; John Ruehle, S.; J. M. Acker, F. S.; Lewis Hausheer, T.; Theodore Schehran, P. G.  The Lodge meets every Thursday evening, at No. 34, Monumental square. 


This Lodge, No. 387, I. O.O. F., was instituted June 27, 1867, with the following officers:  Fred. Otte, N. G.; George Schaffer, V. G.; L. Larsman, S.; I. J. Weideman, P. S.; I. B. Wilbur, T.  Regular meetings are held at Wagner’s block, 361 Pearl street, every Thursday evening.  The term of office is six months.  The lodge is composed of Germans and numbers fifty-eight.  The present officers are Peter Rufsender, N. G.; I. Detfs, V. G.; I. Beck, S.; I.I. Weidman, P. S.; I. C. Weidman, T. 


Lodge No. 415, I. O. O. F., was organized in 1867, and has now eighty-one members.  Regular meetings are held every Thursday evening at the corner of Merchant avenue and Fairfield street.  The officers are J. M. Johnson, N. G.; J. G. Paddock, V. G.; m. D. Mott, P. S.; H. E Mason, R. S.; C. A. Fish, T. 


Lodge No. 475, I. O. O. F., was organized June 19, 1871.  Its members number now seventy-six and its officers are Wm. Reite, N. G.; J. M. Hirl, V. G.; Joseph Schneider, R. S.; J. A. Enkler, P. S.; Henry Streiter, T.  Regular meetings are held every Wednesday evening at the corner of Columbus and Vega street. 


Amazon Lodge No. 567 I. O. O. F. was instituted June 2, 1874, with the following officers:  H. B. Carpenter, N. G.; L. D. Roberts, V. G.; Marcus Wickes, R. S.; Charles Bangs, P. S.; T. S. Pelton, T.  The society has at present eighty-six members, and meets each Wednesday evening, at their room on the corner of Lorain and Root streets.  The officers are G. P. Geib, N. G.; N. B. Kellogg, V. G.; George Cassidy, R. S.; H. G. Siphen, P. S.; M. O Kellogg, T. 


This Lodge, No. 578, I. O. O. F., was organized June 24, 1874.  Its first officers were P. Waldeck, noble grand; O. L. Rider, vice grand; A. L. Somers, recording secretary; O. Slack, permanent secretary; James McMahon, treasurer. 

The following have been the chief officers of the society from the time of the organization, with the date of assuming office:  P. Waldeck, June 24, 1874; O. L. Rider, January 1, 1875; A. L. Somers, July 1, 1875; D. O. Talcott, January 1, 1876; James McMahon, July 1, 1876; C. L. Anderson, Janaury 1, 1877; Jesse Peet, July 1, 1877; A. A. McIntosh, January 1, 1878; E. Zehner, July 1, 1878; F. W. Lewis, January 1, 1879. 

The present officers are F. W. Lewis, noble grand; G. A. Herringshaw, vice grand; Alex McBane, recording secretary; E. N. Leathers, permanent secretary; James McMahon, treasurer; A. L. Somers, Chris. A. Nauert and Jesse Peet, trustees.  The society now numbers about eighty members, and meets every Thursday evening, at Rock’s new block, corner of Woodland and Wilson avenues. 


Mayflower Lodge, No. 679, I. O. O. F., was organized June 16, 1879, and now numbers twenty-eight members, with the following officers:  John E. Darby, N.G.; Thomas E. Johnson, V. G.; A. Bartholomew, secretary; Henry Graham, P. S.; P. H. Repp, Treasurer.  Regular meetings are held every Monday evening at the corner of St. Clair and Phelps streets. 


North Wing Encampment No. 88, I. O. O. F., was organized July 30, 1862.  The officers now are William E. Starling, C. P.; Henry Folliett, S. W.; G. M. Kinsey, J. W.; William H. Price, Jr., H. P.; J. L. Shephard, 1st W.; A. A. Wenham, 2nd W.; A. H. Weed, 3rd W.; William McGehan, 4th W.; P. W. Dracket, 1st G. of T.; C. M. Hurlbert, 2nd G. of T.; John Cowle, T. 

The membership is now one hundred and eighty; the place of meeting (every Wednesday evening) being at Odd Fellows Hall, corner of Pearl and church streets. 


Harmonia Encampment, I. O. O.F., was organized May 8, 1872, with twenty-seven members, and has now twenty-nine.  The officers are John Oswald, C. P.; Franz Frankie, F. S.; Daniel Maeder, T.; L. Poplowsky, H. P.  regular meetings are held at 34 Public Square, the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. 


Lake Shore Lodge No. 6, K. of P., was organized May 25, 1869.  Its first officers were W.  Jones, C. C.; Thomas Axworthy, V. C.; F. W. Pelton, P.; W. J. Ranney, K. of R. and S.; H. J. Webb, M. of F.; Thomas Willows, M. of E.; Charles H. Babcock, M. at A.; F. Hoffman, I. G.; J. L. Sheppard, O. G. 

The lodge has at present a membership of two hundred and eleven.  Regular meetings are held each Tuesday evening in Root’s block, Pearl street, corner of Detroit. 

The present officers are as follows:  George Keiffer, P. C. Charles A. W. Rice, C.C.; R., D. Updegraff, V. C.; Judson Pratt, P.; O. H. P. Hicks, M. of E.; F. W. Davis, M. of F.; Charles B. Dole, K. of R. and S.; George C. Kreck, M. at A.; Fred. A. Smith, I. G.; J. L. Sheppard, O. G. 


Washington Lodge No. 10, was organized August 8, 1869.  There are now one hundred and twenty-six members, and the officers are C. J. McDowell, P. C.; E. H. Gault, C. C.; Louis Black, V. C.; Samuel Ward, P.; E. W. Cooper, K. of R. & S.; Thomas Tibbitt, M. of F.; W. B. Rich, M. of E.; E. W. Goddard, M. at A.; Louis Stanton, I. G.; M. E. Kavanagh, O. B. 

Regular meetings are held every Friday evening at the corner of Ontario and High streets. 


Hermann Lodge No. 40, K. of P., was organized December 11, 1871, with the following officers:  Chas. Saeltzer, C. C.; J. N. Wagner, V. C.; Phillip L. Baum K. of R. and S.; Christ. Marten, M. of F.; John Gerloch, M. of E.; J. C. Weideman, M. at A.; J. Unkrich, I. G.; J. C. Ferbert, O. G. 

Regular meetings are held each Tuesday evening at Castle Hall, No. 363 Pearl street. 

The present officers are C. V. Paeltzer, P. C.; J. C. Ferbert, C. C.; H. W. Weidemann, V. C.; A. H. Gehring, P.; John Schemermann, K. of R. and S.; J. N. Wagner, M. of F.; J. J. Weidemann, M. of E.; A. Cardis, M. at A.; F. Woodworth, I. G., Georger Eiber. O. G. 


Standard Lodge No. 46, K. of P., was instituted June 17, 1872, with the following officers: E. W. Johns, P. C.; Thomas James, C. C.; Robert Hearst, V. C.; Wm. E. Edwards, K. of R. and S.; George Thomas, M. F.; William McKinze, M. El.; H. J. Bullock, M. A.; David Y. James, I. G.; C. Q. Scott, O. G. 

This Lodge has a membership of one hundred and seventeen.  Regular meetings are held every Thursday night at No. 2509 Broadway. 

The present officers are Hugh Wright, P.C.; Frank R. Shattuck, C. C.; Matthew Wright, V. C.; James McKay, P.; Peter J. Dolsen, K. of R. and S.; John R. Coleman, M. F.; Thomas Thompson, M. E.; Joseph Hillier, M. A.; D. F. Lockhart, I. G.; Thomas Richardson, O. G. 


Cleveland Lodge No. 61, Knights of Pythias, was organized October 7, 1873, with sixteen charter members, from whom the following officers were elected:  Martin Maurer, P.C.; A. Schwarz, C. C.; Vincent Schafer, V. C.; Fred Hamm, P.; Charles Breves, K. of R. and S.; Henry Hoehn, M. of F.; A. E. Dehler, K. of E.; Henry M. Holzworth, I. G.; Gottlieb Scheuerman, O. G. 

Regular meetings are held every Wednesday evening at Saal’s Hall, corner Lake and Ontario streets.  The lodge has ninety members enrolled and in good standing.  At the last grand lodge session held at Steubenville, Ohio, A. B. Schellentrager, of Cleveland lodge, was appointed and confirmed Deputy Grand Master of the State, by the State Grand Chancellor. 

This is the only entirely German Lodge of Knights of Pythias in Cuyahoga county.  In May, 1879, the lodge formed the fifth degree of the Chivalric Order, a “Uniform Division”: called “Cleveland Division, No. 8,” composed of thirty-five members, under command of Maj. C. W. Kraus. 

The present officers are as follows:  C. C. Schellentrager, P.C.; William Trinkner, C. C.; A. Schildhauer, V. C.; A. Schnefer, P.; A. Popowsky, K. of R. and S.; Ph. Hollander, M. of F.; Henry Klaus, K. of E.; Franz Eiche, M. at A.; Henry Guentzler, I. G.; Fred. Vogt, O. G. 


Owatonna No. 62 was organized in 1873 with twenty-one charter members.  It has now a membership of ninety, with the following officers:  Herbert Hill, C. C.; G. O. Butler, V. C.; G. H. Wadsworth, P.; G. C. Quintrel, M. of F.; F. A. Wadsworth, M. of E.; P. Englet, M. at A.; William Henderson, P. C.; Thomas Rowell, K. of R. and S.  Regular meetings are held in Rock’s block, corner of Willson and Woodland avenues, every Wednesday evening. 


This lodge (No. 68) was organized in May, 1875, with twenty-four members.  There are now sixty-five, with the following officers:  E. C. Stedman, C. C.; F. R. Merchant, V. C. C.; George C. Hola, P.; C. J. Robinson, K. of R. and S.; W. C. North, F. S.; George W. Makepeace, M. E.  Regular meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at the corner of Merchant avenue and Fairfield street, West Side. 


Oak Lodge No. 77, was organized in 1875, and has now in good standing upwards of one hundred members.  The officers are John Wathey, C. C.; Jacob Schug, V. C.; F. Ferval, P. C.; H. Holcomb, M. of F.; Maynard Miller, M. of E.; L. Mayer, K. R. and S.; R. T. Merrill, P.  Regular meetings are held at 726 St. Clair avenue, every Wednesday evening. 


Forest City No. 78, was organized in 1875, and has now a membership of sixty.  The officers are W. S. Forrester, C. C.; W. O. Cox, V. C.; W. A. Harvey, P. C.; H. P. Gale, P.; N. L. Hi8bbard, K. of R. and S.; L. S. Chadwick, M. of F.; M. H. Brown, M. of E.; John Newberry, M. of A.; C. A. Kyle, I. G.; John Paul, O. G. 


This lodge (No. 89) was formed in 1876, and has now a membership of sixty.  The present officers are C. C. Reeves, C. C.; J. F. Penwick, P. C.; H. S. Schue, V. C.; J. J. Weinhardt, P.; George M. Love, M. of E.; William Hemerly, M. of F.; William Spilker, K. R. and S.; George Cunningham, M. A.  Regular meetings are held every Wednesday evening, at 363 Pearl street. 


This section was instituted January 23, 1878.  There are now eighty-seven members, with the following officers:  C. J. McDowell, president; E. W. Cooper, secretary and treasurer; J. M. Millard, guide; G. W. Taylor, chaplain; L. Mayer, guard; R. Strauss, sentinel.  Regular meetings are held at the corner of Ontario and High streets the first and third Mondays of each month. 


Section eighty-nine was organized in 1878, and has now a membership of seventy-five.  Its officers are J. C. Ross, P.; John McFerns, V. P.; C. B. Dole, S. and T.; Henry Biddle, Cr.; Charles Mallory, G.; John Barnes, G’n.; D. A. Udell, S. 

Regular meetings are held at 363 Pearl street on the second Tuesday of each month. 


The first officers of Preux Chavalier Division (No. 3, of Ohio), Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, were Sir Knight Commander O. H. P. Hicks; Sir Knight Lieutenant Commander E. C. Stedman; Sir Knight Recorder Charles A. W. Rice; Sir Knight Treasurer Eugene L. Closse. 

The present officers are Sir Knight Commander O. H. P. Hicks; Sir Knight Lieutenant Commander E. C. Stedman; Sir Knight Herald Henry W. McDole; Sir Knight Recorder Henry Biddle; Sir Knight Treasurer Thomas Boutall; Sir Knight Guard George S. Tambling; Sir Knight Sentinel H. R. Sanborn; Sir Knight Surgeon Dr. J. F. Armstrong; Sir Knights Trustees O. H. P. Hicks, George Kieffer and E. L. Closse. 

The present number of members is fifty.  Regular business meetings are held every third Thursday, and drill meetings every first, second and fourth Thursday of each month, at 8 p.m.  The armory and hall of the division are at the corner of Pearl and Bridge streets. 


This division (No. 4) was organized in 1879, and has now a membership of thirty-six.  The officers are, Sir Knight Commander E. H. Towson; Sir Knight Lieutenant Commander C. W. Burgess; Sir Knight Herald E. W. Cooper; Sir Knight Recorder C. E. Odell; Sir Knight Treasurer John Muest; Sir Knight Guard Alexander Ward; Sir Knight Sentinel George Kreck.  The division drills at No. 52 Monumental Square, the second and fourth Mondays of each month. 

History of Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Part Second:  The City of Cleveland, Odd Fellows and Knights of Pythias, compiled by Crisfield Johnson, Published by D. W. Ensign & Co., 1879, pages 289-293.