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 Diversity & Equality Guidelines - ; Marriage & Family Department: What is life like if you or someone in your family is gay or lesbian …?

CATHOLICS FOR AIDS PREVENTION & SUPPORT (CAPS) / POSITIVE CATHOLICS: A network of Catholics in Britain & Ireland promoting HIV prevention and support; to be a voice in the Church for people living with HIV, to be a Catholic voice in HIV communities, including a peer-support group for people living with HIV who also identify as people of faith.

CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF CHRISTIANITY & SEXUALITY: CSCS promotes objective debate within the Christian churches upon matters concerning human sexuality, with a view to developing the spiritual teaching and doctrines of such Christian churches.

CHANGING ATTITUDE: Changing Attitude works for the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the life of the Anglican Communion.

COURAGE: Courage is a UK-based, not for profit, evangelical Christian ministry, founded in 1988.

IMAAN: Imaan supports LGBT Muslim people, their families and friends, to address issues of sexual orientation within Islam. It provides a safe space and support network to address issues of common concern through sharing individual experiences and institutional resources. Imaan promotes the Islamic values of peace, social justice and tolerance through its work, and aspires to bring about a world that is free from prejudice and discrimination against all Muslims and LGBT people.

JEWISH GAY & LESBIAN GROUP: The JGLG provides an atmosphere of friendship and support for Jewish lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and their partners; organises social, religious and informative events for our members and their guests; acts as ambassadors between the LGBT and Jewish worlds, trying to dispel ignorance and prejudice.

LGCM: - Education Resource: Anglican Matters: Evangelical Fellowship: - Methodist Caucus: - Roman Catholic Caucus: - Reformed Churches: - Young Lesbian & Gay Christians:

LGBT ANGLICAN COALITION: The Anglican Coalition is here to provide UK based Christian LGBT organisations with opportunities to create resources for the Anglican community and to develop a shared voice for the full acceptance of LGBT people in the Anglican Communion.

QUAKER LESBIAN & GAY FELLOWSHIP: QLGF is a welcoming and supportive group for Quakers of all sexualities and those who, while not Quakers, are in general sympathy with the Quaker thought and lifestyle. We aim to encourage friendship and support among members; also to help members who are experiencing difficulties in being accepted or accepting themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. We aim to promote dialogue at all levels within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) with a view to achieving a deeper mutual understanding.

QUEST: Quest is a group for lesbian, gay and bisexual Catholics. Its purpose is to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so as to sustain and increase Christian belief among homosexual men and women. Membership is open to all who share Quest’s aims, regardless of sexual orientation or religious affiliation. Transgendered persons should feel themselves especially welcome. Quest was established and is led by lay Catholics; however, clergy and religious are welcome to join and support the organisation. Participation in the activities of local Quest groups does not require membership of national Quest. However, as a member of Quest you will be able to contribute more fully to the pastoral, evangelising and campaigning ministry of the organisation within the Church and in the wider society.

SARBAT LGBT Sikhs: Sarbat derives from the final line of the Ardas (the congregational Prayer of Supplication): Nanak naam chardi kala, terey bhaney sarbat da bhalla - Nanak says that with God’s name comes happiness and well-being, and with Your blessings, may there be peace and prosperity for all. t is with that concept of happiness and well-being for all of mankind in mind that this website has been set up.

SOHO MASSES PASTORAL COUNCIL: The SMPC offers a welcoming community, open to all Catholics, with an active fellowship of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Catholics, as well as their parents, families and friends.

SYBILS: The Sibyls is a UK-based confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, and their supporters, offering companionship along the journey, and information/advocacy to churches.


CATHOLICS FOR CHOICE: Catholics for Choice (CFC) was founded in 1973 to serve as a voice for Catholics who believe that the Catholic tradition supports a moral and legal right to follow conscience in matters of sexuality and reproductive health.

FORTUNATE FAMILIES: Grounded in Catholic tradition, Fortunate Families ministers primarily with Catholic parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender daughters and sons, but welcomes families of all faiths.

SIECUS - Sexuality Information & Education Council of the United States: SIECUS believes that religion can play a significant role in promoting an understanding of sexuality as an intrinsic part of all humans. Faith-based institutions are in a unique position to provide sexuality education. SIECUS further believes that religious and spiritual leaders and organizations have a responsibility to affirm and support the sexual rights of all members of their communities.

ONTARIO ENGLISH CATHOLIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION: Recognizing our uniqueness as teachers in Catholic schools, we are an association committed to the advancement of Catholic education. As teacher advocates we provide professional services, support, protection and leadership.