• The Times 13th August 2012: Letter to the Editor - Catholics show diversity on equal marriage:
         27 prominent Catholics in England & Wales, including well-known theologians, clergy, and laity, have signed a letter to The Times newspaper ... (more)
  • The Guardian - Comment is Free 9th March 2012: Martin Pendergast's article - Same-sex civil unions stress the value of equality, not of subjection in marriage:
         The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have requested that A Letter on Marriage be read in all their churches on 10 March. What are.....(more 
  • The Times 6th February 2012:  Copy of Martin Pendergast's letter to the Editor regarding Church, Clergy and Civil Partnerships: 
         Neil Addison (letter, Feb. 3) confuses the issue of civil partnerships in religious buildings with the debates around same-sex marriage.... (more
  • Guardian 30th November 2010: Marjorie Smith speaks out in support of parents of LGBT children: 
         Your article, Gay people are coming out at a younger age, says Stonewall (16 November) is a cause for celebration. Lesbian, gay,
         bisexual and trans young.....(more)
  • 5th August 2010: A Candle Lit Vigil for Ian Baynham:

       Video of the candle lit vigil for Ian Baynham, who tragically died in October 2009 following a homophobic attack in central
         London..........(go to video)
  • Morning Star 30th June 2010: Maria Exall's article on LGBT life post election: 
        The Trades Union Congress LGBT Conference will meet on Thursday after the election of a Con-Dem government 
          including a home secretary with a miserable track record on lesbian......(more)
  • Inquirer 3rd April 2010: Guy Bentham discusses the Unitarian's views on marriage equality:
        Most of us are in favour of equality, but when it comes to marriage, equality means many different things to different people. In
          March 2008 my Unitarian congregation, Newington Green, discovered that a registrar based at nearby Islington Town Hall was 
  • Guardian 10th February 2010: Simon Sarmiento comments on Rowan Williams account of where the church stands on the Equality Bill: 
        Speaking to the General Synod on Tuesday, Rowan Williams gave the clearest recent account yet of where the Church of England
          stands on the religious exemptions in the equality bill. This is the same position that it took back in 2003..... (more)
  • Guardian 2nd February 2010: Martin Pendergast comments on the Pope's attack on UK equality legislation:
          It is no secret that when a pope delivers an address to a group of Catholic bishops he draws upon briefings provided by the local 
           hierarchy and his papal nuncio for the country in question. While Benedict XVI's remarks are an unwarranted intrusion into the 
           United Kingdom's internal affairs.....(more)
  • Guardian 26th January 2010: Terry Sanderson's comments on the House of Lords debate on the Equality Bill: 
          Last night's parliamentary debate on the equality bill was one of the poorest and most ill-informed I have ever heard in the House of 
          Lords. Despite Lord Lester's eloquent explanation of the bill, and its duty to conform to the European framework directive from 
          which it sprang.....(more)
  • Guardian 24th January 2010: Simon Sarmiento comments on the Equality Bill debate:
         On Monday, peers will debate amendments to the Equality Bill affecting employment by religious organisations. In the run-up, a
         fierce campaign has beenmounted by Care, CCFON, the Lawyers' Christian Fellowshipand the Christian Institute, and supported in 
  • Guardian 23rd January 2010: Naomi Phillip's letter regarding the Peer's debate of the Equality Bill:
          On Monday, peers will debate crucial amendments to the equality bill affecting employment by religious organisations. Some would 
          have the effect of barring gay people from a range of jobs, including as youth.....(more)