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Preferred Sourcing Sites

Below are the recommended sourcing locations of our company recruiters. Links are organized into 4 categories:
  1. Job Search Sites
    • Subcategory - Job Board "Aggregators"
  2. Associations and Universities 
  3. Social Media Sites
  4. Industry Specific Sites
To view the entire list or add another site, click the   'View More'   link located at the end of each category. 

Job Search Sites

Site NameWeb AddressRatingNotes
Careerbuilder http://www.careerbuilder.com/ 2-Above Average Primarily used for candidate sourcing. 
Glassdoor Sign-In Page 2-Above Average Offers a free company portal and $50 free first job posting. Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: glassd00r 
Pure Michigan Job Site Login Page 2-Above Average Username: info@ceconnectinc.com / Password: Pur3m1ch1gan3 
Social Talent Search String Generator Login Page 2-Above Average Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: s0ca1l -- Tool generates search strings to use on profile searching sites. 
Southeast Michigan Community Employment Alliance Business Reps Page 2-Above Average Contact individual is Devon O'reilly. 734-362-7037 / Additional contact information: Amy Woods at 313-873-7321 ext. 245  
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Subcategory - Job Board Aggregators

Site NameWeb AddressRatingNotes
Scout Log into PCR to use  2-Above Average Scout site credentials - Username: ceconnect Password: g0sc0utg0 
Smart Recruiters https://www.smartrecruiters.com/ 2-Above Average Features free applicant tracking and apply with LinkedIn. Aggregation service is mostly paid job boards. Username: info@ceconsultinginc.com Password: smartr3cru1t3rs 
ThomasNet.org Main Page  2-Above Average Good Resource for sourcing companies to target. Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: Th0masn3t  
Us.Jobs Log-In Page 2-Above Average Nationally Run Jobs Site, Postings and Resume Search for $25 a year/ Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: 2584b44hd 
Future Works - Massachusetts Job Posting Page 3-Average Free posting, no log in required.  
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Universities and Associations

Site NameWeb AddressRatingNotes
Davidson College Login Screen 1-Excellent Consortium of colleges nation wide that allow job posting for for free Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: dav1ds0n 
Georgia Tech Alumni Association Login Page 1-Excellent Paid postings and resume search/ Username:ceconnect password: G30RG1AT3CH 
Milwaukee School of Engineering  Log In Page 1-Excellent Username: Info@ceconnectinc.com Password: dav1ds0n 
Association of Safety Society of Engineers Login Page 2-Above Average Resume database and posting Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: saf3ty 
Macomb Community College Login Page 2-Above Average Job posting and resume search Username: joe@ceconnectinc.com Password:macomb  
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Social Media Sites

Site NameWeb AddressRatingNotes
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/ 1-Excellent Excellent feature set, wide range of contact methods. Currently using recruiter suite 8/29/14 
Twitter https://twitter.com/ 2-Above Average Allows reach to entire userbase for free, steep learning curve for candidate sourcing. Company Username/ Password: ce_connect/Twit1ng  
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ 3-Average Free job announcements on company page. Paid sidebar advertising starts at $100 
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Industry Specific Sites

Site NameWeb AddressRatingNotes
Print Planet.com Main Forum 2-Above Average Largest Print Forum with over 300,000 hits per month. Post requests to 'Looking For Employees' thread. Username:ce_connect Password: pr1ntplan3t 
AichE -Association of Chemical Engineers  Login Page 3-Average Resume search and 35 dollar purchasing of contact information. Username: info@ceconnectinc.com / Password: ceconnectinc 
Association for Manufacturing Excellence Login Page 3-Average Allows free resume search and posted job listings. Resumes are $35 to see contact information. Fee is refundable if candidate is not interested. / Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: ceconnectinc 
Oil and Gas People http://www.oilandgaspeople.com/ 3-Average Well designed site with free posting. Received 6 applicants for 2 postings, all foreign. 4/19/13 Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password: 01landgas 
Oncontracting Login Page 3-Average WEBSITE CURRENTLY DOWN Website for contract workers; allows for free candidate search. Username: info@ceconnectinc.com Password:0nc0ntract1ng 
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