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From time to time I work with artists in a non live enviroment to produce demos and EPs. These are all recorded and mixed in people's homes (often mine) and can be multi-tracked up to the teeth. Here's some of the more recent EPs I've worked on...


These can all be purchased direct from the artist at gigs or via their respective myspace pages etc..


George Clarke - George Carke EP


5 Track EP with full backing band featuring Ed & Craig of Meteor Street & myself.


LTD 30 CD in plastic sleeve


Self Released in March 2008


Available from http://www.myspace.com/gcao


Gamble Gamble - 'They're All Wrong'


4 Track EP


LTD 100 Black Vinyl Replica CD in custom sleeve


Released Feb 2008 on Little Hellfire Club




Available from http://gamblegamble.bigcartel.com/




Gamble Gamble  - 'Return To Normality'


9 Track Mini Album


LTD 100 CD in Jewel Case


Self Released Feb 2007


Available from http://gamblegamble.bigcartel.com/