What's going on at Cut Out Sound HQ

6th May 2008 - Whats been going on? In a Nutshell... I recorded Meg for the April EP and the soundcard on my laptop packed up while mixing it. Sam is currenty working on the EP which should be out soon. I have also ordered a brand new macbook today.. so the label should be back in action again soon! Phil


4th March 2008- Today we release Live at Smile Café by extremely talented Mr George Clarke. This 3 track EP is taken from a set George performed at an open mic night on Saturday March 1st. Download the tracks and artwork here. I’m gonna be working with George on some studio recordings over the next month, so keep an eye out for updates on that in the near future.


Those with a keen eye will notice there was no release in February. Basically I recorded two gigs for the release…. The first of these was of a poor quality. The second got some good results and an EP should be ready for release later in a few weeks.. but it's taken longer than expected to sort. Check out myspace pages for Riding Giants & BSN 420 for some other recordings I’ve done recently.


22nd February 2008 -

Yeah yeah, it’s been a bit quiet on the label front for a few weeks. The last set of recordings I did weren’t good enough for release.. however, I’m gonna be recording some of the bands at the TJs alldayer tomorrow including the mighty ZEBEDY RAYS! So with any luck I should have another EP out within the week. I’m also recording a special gig by George Clarke at Smile next week on March 1st.

Check out the Worcester news today for an article about the label, including a moody shot of me pretending to do some mixing! If you missed the paperback release, the digital version can be viewed here: … dunno how long it stays live for though.


2nd February 2008 - Well, Sam and I were lucky enough to get down the AWWBLOT birthday bash on Thursday at the Marrs Bar! Space issues meant we couldn't set up by the stage and spot mic everything, so we had to record in a stereo fashion from the balcony. This puts us at the mercy of the sound engineer, good mix = good recording, bad mix = waste of time. I managed to get pretty much the whole evening down using a series of different mics to pick up different frequencies etc. Unfortunately having had a listen back yesterday it seems that the drums pretty much dominate the mix, and the vocals have the famous muffled Marrs Bar tone. So… I dunno if these are gonna be good enough to put up, I might be able to salvage some of it using some clever equalisation and compression, but its gonna have to wait until next week cos I'm off to Portugal for a few days. Phil


4th Janaury 2008 - Happy New Year! If you didn't get enough presents over the holiday period, don't worry.. beacuse as of today you can download EP number 2! Spoil your ears with 3 future shoe gazer classics from Worcester's own Meteor Street.


I'm also proud to inform yarl that the local media have jumped at the chance to promote C.O.S. and it's downloadable wares. Lauren Rogers from the Worcester News has kindly written an article about us in todays edition, and I'll be chatting to everyone's favorite local DJ Andrew Marston on tonights BBC H&W Friday Session. Tune in from 7pm to hear me stumble over my words and make a general muppet of myself!


30th December 2007 - ..Well I spent a night getting in people's way and wrestling with sticky beer covered cables in a dark corner of Worcester's Marrs bar last week. The results proved to be pretty good, so as predicted, January's release will be a 3 track EP from Meteor Street recorded on December 27th. The actual track listing is still hot debate between band members and myself... but the release should go live on or around January 5th 2008.


Unfortunately due to technical problems with my laptop I wasn't able to record the second Boozestock night with AWWBLOT and George Clarke. Fear not though, I will be aiming to capture both at forthcoming events in the new year.


27th December 2007 - Over the next two days I will be recording the Boozestock event at Worcester's Marrs Bar. Acts appearing are Meteor Street, 11:47am acoustic collective, AWWBLOT, Zebedy Rays, Buck Brothers and George Clarke. Some of these sets will appear in future EPs depending on the quality of the final product. With any luck the first of these will be from Meteor Street... release details to be confirmed over the next 48 hours.


11th December 2007 - Forthcoming releases update. Good news everybody, we’ve agreed to put out EPs by George Clarke, And What Will Be Left of Them, and Meteor Street in the new year. Keep an eye out to find out who will feature on Januarys EP!


8th December 2007 - A wise man once said 'hey Phil, why don't you put the sleeves up as PDF files rather than Jpegs? Then it would be far quicker to download!'. Good advice indeed, and so it shall be from this day forth.


5th December 2007 - We are proud to announce the debut release from Cut Out Sound will be by Gamble Gamble. The EP consists of 3 tracks taken from their noisy set at TJ's in Worcester on December 2nd. It's available for free download right now!! Just follow the mouse into the wonderful world of cutoutsound...


Download CUT1