MEG (cut4)
Live at The Tardibigge (10/04/08) - 3 Track E.P. 

DIY Card Sleeve(pdf) print out onto white card, carefully cut out, fold down the centre and glue tabs.


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1. Chips

2. Fireworks

3. I Am About to Forget


Get more information on Meg and hear studio recordings here


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This release has taken ages to put up due to my laptop packing up shortly after recording the set. Thankfully Sam was able to sort the mp3s out in the end.


Here we have 3 tracks from Kidderminsters' punk-indie-rock-pop giants Meg. These have been selected from a 30 minute set recorded at The Tardibigge Venue just outside Redditch. The sound is a bit unbalanced because we could only get a stereo line out of the desk and a mono mic up in the corner. It matters not tho cos it's punk rock and it comes from the heart! ;-)