How it works & FAQ
ok, so here's a brief outline of how it works....

First and foremost, all recordings on Cut Out must be Live and exclusive to us. We will arrange to come to one of your forthcoming gigs and record the set. The results of this will vary depending on the sound in the venue, technical restrictions, and the performance of the band. Not all recordings will be suitable for release. Assuming the recording is good enough, we'll mix it, master it and put forward 3 or 4 tracks for your approval. If everyone is happy artwork will be put together and the EP will go up for download.




Does the recording have to be Live?


Yes, this makes a more unique and fun insight into the band than studio recordings (which are often dull and lifeless when money and time are of the essence).


What equipment do you use to record?


This depends on the set up of the band and the type of venue. Usually we will just set up a few decent ambient mics, take a line from the PA, guitar & bass amps and feed it into a laptop via a mixer and digital interface. Full multi-tracking can done if needs be.


Can we submit our own live recordings?


Yes, as long as they are all from one performance, of good quality, and exclusive to us.


Will we make any money from the release?


No, and neither will the label. You must be happy to give away your music for free.


Will it cost us anything?


Not normally no. We are based in Worcestershire, and intend only record gigs in this area. However, if you really want us to travel out of the area to record you this can be arranged. All we ask is that you cover our petrol costs and depending on distance, give us somewhere to crash.


Do you plan to release any physical records?


No, the main aim of Cut Out is to provide music for free and encourage people to get involved by building their own sleeve.


How do I get my band involved?


The best way is to send us a message via our myspace page with a link to your music. We will only put artists who produce music we enjoy listening to. NO COVER BANDS. I promise to reply to all messages sent.


Will you promote the release.


We will provide you with a banner for your web page and will promote the release via our own page. At the end of the day, its up to you to let your fans know about the EP.


Got any more questions or suggestions? Email us here