Below is a list of all the artists we have worked or will be working with in the future, all with links to their own sites. Check out the friends on our myspace page for more ear candy!


GAMBLE GAMBLE - Noisy Worcester 4 piece influenced by the likes of Pavement, The Fall, Sonic Youth & The Pixes. I play bass in them so I won't waffle on about the sound! 3 track live EP out now.


METEOR STREET - Psychedelic 5 piece who describe themselves as creating a vast audio terrain. Influences ranging from SFA to King Crimson with a detour via Aphex Twin ensure there are no direct comparisons. Live they play yin and yang with dreamy violin led soundscapes punctuated by huge walls of guitar driven noise! 3 track EP out now 



GEORGE CLARKE - The mellow tones of Worcester's George Clarke hark back to a time when song writing was a true craft. This guy is real talent, effortlessly blending soulful melodies with thought provoking poetry, all set to some soothing acoustic guitar work. Fans of John Martyn, Tim Buckley & even Nick Drake will enjoy his work no end. Live at Smile Cafe EP out now.



MEG - A Lo-Fi Electro Indie Rock/Pop 4 piece from Kidderminster who have been described as "Sounding like a cross between Grandaddy and Pavement with analogue keyboards creating a Pac Man fighting Weezer over a Lo-Fi groove". These guys create melodies you simply cant help but hum along too, all delievered with a gritty edge that ensures they're floating down a branch of the river found just off the mainstream. EP out now.


AND WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF THEM? "Blasting out of Worcester with whisky in their bellies and songs in their hearts, And What Will Be Left Of Them? (AWWBLOT to their fans) are the best proto-post-neo-punk-electro-poptart band ever!" With a stage show that has more presence and engery than the rest of the Worcester scene put together it's a shame I don't do live video downloads yet! EP out soon.