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Promethean Board Resources

This resource provided by Corrie Hill, a student teacher and Clemson University student, has great websites to find resources such as flip charts, templates, fonts, etc. for Promethean Boards as well as other Internet resources related to teaching.

Binoculars Directions

Microscope Directions

The above resources prepared by Kaitie Finkenhoefer, Clemson University Early Childhood Education student, give step-by-step instructions for operating the Digital Blue Binoculars and Microscope.

Photoshop Elements Primer
This is a handy-dandy 8-page document that takes you through all phases of Photoshop Elements from beginning level photo-fixes to more advanced levels dealing with selections and layers.

PowerPoint Virtual Museum
Take advantage of the non-linear capability of MS PowerPoint in a way most people simply don't know about.  You will surely knock some socks off with this unique approach to PowerPoint.
Instructions (borrowed from Ed F 315)
How to add yourself to the museum using Photoshop Elements
More information about using perspective

Google Earth
Google Earth has many classroom implications across the curriculum. Below are a couple of resources to get you going.
Tillman Hall Example - An example to show you the html language used when making a placemark.
Formatting Guide - More help on the html language used in GE.