Cut and Fill : By Robert Goddard. Free downloadable Windows and Linux/Wine Computer Program

The PC computer program Cut+Fill.exe is designed to help quantity surveyors to easily,quickly and objectively carry out "Cut and Fill" exercises by measuring from plan to at least the same degree of accuracy as would be achieved by other methods, and display the results in a logical manner.Full Instructions are included. No special computer hardware is needed.

The program will work either for the excavation and fill over an individual building or across a whole site; the principles involved are exactly the same.

The known existing level points are plotted to scale on the screen. The new levels, as provided by the architect or layout designer, are treated in the same way. This enables the computer to ascertain the location of any intermediate points required for the depth and volume calculations. The "cut” and/or "fill" quantities are then calculated as a series of volumes. For more details of the principle see Appendix 2 of the Instructions.

The results are displayed and saved on the computer as a table of results and as a graphical image showing different areas of excavation and fill in colours to represent different depths.

The full instructions and the executable file, together with example sites are in the download-able zip file on this site. The program will run on Windows 95 or later or on Ubuntu or Linux Mint with WINE installed. The program is thought to be bug-free and is provided in the hope it will be useful, but I do not make any guarantees.

If you have any queries or need any help please email me
mr (dot) robert (dot) goddard (at) gmail (dot) com replacing the (at) with @, the (dot) with a . and without spaces. Put cut and fill in the subject line.

Robert Goddard,
18 Apr 2021, 14:42