Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

When It Comes To Cabinet Doors The Styles And Finishes Are Endless




This display of cabinets consist of four different wood species with the majority of door styles being constructed of maple wood. From what I see as far as factory cabinets go.... maple hardwood is probably ninety percent of the market in sales. What you see on this page besides maple is birch wood,cherry wood and oak, which is a classic wood species which will be here a long time. 

These First three cabinet door styles on the right are part of the vineyard collection and are manufactured in the state of California. They come in three different shades to go with about any type of decor you may have.They are constructed out of maple hardwood which seems to have a greater share of the market. In my opinion maple is like a blank canvas because you can stain and finish it to look like about anything you want it to with the right technique.

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 This cabinet door is part of the Tuscany cherry wood cabinet collection.This door is real cherry wood an not a cherry wood finish. Many cabinet and furniture companies use other woods an use cherry finish and call their product cherry cabinets or cherry finish.This is a natural look for cherry wood with a clear coat on top.

This cabinet door style is call the portsmouth.The cabinets are made from maple hard wood with a light honey finish. the Roman arch on top of the cabinet doors make this a very popular door style. 

This is the Winchester design,the  door style has a bit of the distressed look without over doing it.This wood species is birch wood with a light glazing to enhance the look.This a very attractive looking cabinet that would fit well with most kitchen designs if you don't like dark finishes.

This is mission door with a dark truffle finish  and is constructed using  solid birch hardwood.It comes with a European frameless cabinet. The cabinet is a full overlay look.

This is called the Savannah collection. This door is solid maple raised panel and has a Chestnut glaze finish for a rich look.The cabinet is an all wood construction, no particle board! the doors on this cabinet are half overlay. .