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 Formica and laminate are synonymous to someone you is not familiar with the terminology. Formica is just another brand name just like Wilson art is, or one of the many other manufactures who make laminate counter top products or laminate flooring products.

When many people think counter top covering.....they will generally call it Formica.The reason being, Formica is the most recognized brand name because of its early popularity.

Formica and Wilson art are both Leaders in sales and probably the better well known laminates in the market place and more readily available.

I personally like the new Wilson art® HD™ High Definition™ Deepstar Laminate has that rich look, that invites your fingers to touch and feel. Most of my customers would agree with me on that one.This is usually the first choice that i bring to a new customers attention because i have seen the finished product many times and i know that it will look fabulous in the kitchen.

I recently showed the deepstar laminate to this lady and was a little surprised when she didn't pick it as her first choice. Well guess what?.....the next time i saw here she changed her mind and guess what she pick out? You guessed it.... Wilson art deep star laminate. I wish i was getting paid to promote Wilson art laminate but am not.To learn more about Wilsonart laminate products check

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It is very diffacult for someone to visualize what there new laminate counter top is going to look like by looking at a small sample piece of laminate. A person can only just guess at best what the finished product will look like by making the wright color choices.

A whole sale dealer that i partner with in my area has large sample pieces of laminate that makes the visualization thing a little easyer. Those of you live in my area can get a free pass in and shop around and take look at the samples of Wilsonart or Formica they have on display. And you will also be able to get my discount pricing.

The name of the whole sale supplier is Pro Source and the address is 535 S Emerson Street Wichita, Kansas 67209 This company is not open to the public but i can get you in the door.

This website is being developed with the idea of informing consumers with the possabilities that one might have when it comes to using laminate in the kitchen work area for a beautiful and tuff surface that will last for years to come.

I am also looking forward to help and inspire the do-it-yourself type person or anyone who is up to the challeng of building their own laminate counter top and experence the pleasure of doing it themselves.I am hoping to develop some education products in the near future for those of you who might be interested. If you are currently in a project mode please give me a call so we can discuss your interest.

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