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Kitchen Remodeling Doesn't  Have to Be Expensive 

Have you ever seen kitchen cabinets that you dreamed about owning but you didn't think you could afford?

If your answer is yes I would love to here you describe it to me. If you knew of the different options available, I think you might be surprised to find something affordable to enrich your lifestyle and Make the layout of your kitchen more user friendly.

After all this is one of those place in the home were family and friends end up congregating to enjoy all that fabulous food and chit- chat. I don't know if very many people now a days enjoy cooking in the kitchen or have time to do so  .....the reason I say this is because I have customers tell me they don't do much cooking in the kitchen.... go figure that one out. But I am sure their are many that fill at home in their new kitchen especially at family gatherings.

I do know one thing that they enjoy is....the new look and fill of their newly designed kitchen and the complements they get from family and friends when the see the new transformation.

How Much Will The New Kitchen Cost Me? More than just money. may be over whelmed with the whole idea of remodeling your kitchen, after all you are going to have your kitchen out of order for sometime..right. I understand how painful this can be, not having your kitchen in operating order can be a bit of a discomfort.

That is why when i remodel a kitchen, my objective is to have the kitchen sink working by the third day...that way you can at least microwave and wash dishes...get a drink of water and so on and make life a little easier to deal with,while the remodeling proceeds. Now to make this happen?.......well that's where good planing comes in. The last thing you want is to have someone come in and take more weeks than you want to complete your project.Then you need to think about, how much money is all this construction going to cost me? And is my Roi ( return on investment) going to be worth the cost and effort? Look at all of your option....should I replace my cabinets, or maybe i should just reface them or again, you just may want to paint them. What are the pros and cons? There really is a lot of important decisions to make before you proceed.

 Check out the Kitchen Cabinets Collection

Lets look at a good place to start the process of the kitchen remodeling project. If you are thinking about replacing your cabinets you will need to measure your kitchen space to find out what size cabinets will fit into that area.

Write down on paper how many walls in your kitchen you would like to have cabinets on.

Then mark each wall A,B,C and so on, then mark the length of each wall as well as the hight and make sure to mark the location of windows, doors, electrical, and gas outlets.

Remember that measurements need to be accurate. You may want to hire a carpenter to do the measuring for you.

Now that you have measurements in hand you can begin to design your kitchen. You could go to your local retailer in your area who sells cabinets and have then come up with a kitchen design plan.

Side Note:(They should have someone available to come out and measure for you.)

At this point you may want to do some comparison shopping. What are you getting for the price you have been quoted?

Do you want a raised panel door or could you live with a flat panel door? Do you want your cabinets stained and clear finished or would you prefer the latest thing in the way of painted and glaze finish?

What a about the drawer box, do you want a dovetail drawer box or will a standard drawer box suit you fine? These are just a few things that will determine price points.

Another accessory that is popular, would be pull out trays that will up the cost, but will make it so convenient to access your things inside the cabinets. Crown molding is another item that adds so much to the look of a finished kitchen.

When you start to look into the options as far as accessories go you will soon discover many things that will affect the bottom line.

I'm a custom cabinet builder who could build you just about any style cabinet that would interest you but... it would not be the most affordable way to go.

Recently I have started handling factory kitchen cabinets that have a flare,and the cabinet door styles that many designers and home owners are looking for... at a most affordable investment you will find anywhere. You really should compare cabinet prices before you make your purchase If you don't call me it could cost you thousands more then you need to spend and still not the best quality cabinets at the best price.

Custom Kitchen Photos

This is one of my custom cabinet creations.... my customer got her ideas from a magazine..she came to me with a picture in hand and told me, this is the kitchen I want....well the rest is history, thats been almost 15 years ago.
Click here to see more of this Country Kitchen Cabinet display

The factory cabinets I have available might look pricey as though they where custom built cabinetry but the modest investment might surprise you. 

For some of my customers, custom cabinets may be out of the question unless you have the budget for it. Factory cabinets would be a good option. Just one thing i would like to bring to your attention.... the "cabinet construction".

Most of your factory cabinets being built today are constructed using particle board . One reason most manufactures use particle board is because it is cheaper to use and they use it to stay competitive.

The problem with this... is the cabinets don't hold up very well, especially if they get wet. More and more consumers are aware of the potential problem one might encounter with this type of construction.

I would just like to mention, that the kitchen cabinets that I offer do not have particle board construction. Little do most consumers know that most cabinet displays,( 99%) you see in stores have particle board construction boxes.

Find Out What You Are Paying Good Money For...Ask Questions

So before you buy kitchen cabinets to put in your home or if you are planning on building a new home ask if their is any particle board in the cabinet box construction. If you ask to up grade to plywood box construction be prepared to pay extra....unless of course you give me a call.

One more option you might consider before you remodel your kitchen.. would be to reface your cabinets, this option would involve the least amount of investment. It is possible that you might save as much of one third the cost of a factory cabinet. Again that depends on the options you chose.

In the near future i will be discussing more about refacing kitchen check back if you want to learn more.

As a kitchen designer and remodeler, one thing i have noticed is that my customers are sometimes overwhelmed with the decision making. With all the product choices on the market today it is easy to understand why.What kind of tile should i use? what about back splash design? What kind of counter top would i like in my kitchen?...Do I want a  laminate countertop or can I aford to install solid surface or granite? When it comes to flooring, the choices are endless.Now how about the appliances..stainless steel seems to be hot right now. Don't forget to put the sink, faucet and garbage disposal on the list.

Don't let all these things hold you back... you don't have to have every detail in place before you start. But you should have somethings already planed before things get what sizes are your new appliances going to be. Find out from the manufacturer before you order your cabinets. Make sure you coordinate with your installer.

Just make sure you have product choices made before the cabinets arrive at your door.

As courtesy to my customers I am providing an opportunity to shop at Pro Source and receive my discount. Now, just so you know they are not open to the general public... but you can get a free certificate to get you in the door to shop around and you can pick out what ever you like and pay at my price. The address for Pro source is 535 S Emerson Street Wichita, Kansas 67209

Pro Source is one of North America's largest wholesale flooring resource. You simply won't find a better selection of carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and more. You will find all the biggest names in flooring, including Mohawk Lees, Shaw Industries, Pergo, Armstrong, Wilsonart, Marshland and many, many more. Besdes low prices and super selection, you'll always receive friendly, professional service from floor covering sales experts. A whole new way to buy brand floor covering for less.

If you have a project in mind and you need some help, please contact me at anytime. You will get free consultation over the phone at no cost to you. So take advantage of this opportunity, with your ideas, we can make your dream kitchen come true.

If you are a  do-it-yourself type person, remodeler, builder, apartment manager, landlord anybody needing  quality cabinets at discount prices you really should give me a call and let me bid your project. I can also ship kitchen cabinets nation wide.

I can ship you a sample cabinet door if you need  to see the quality.

I have customers as far south as Wellington Kansas and have had projects as far north as Whitewater Kansas. I have worked in Derby Kansas, Rosehill Kansas, and even Douglass Kansas so where ever you are in the Wichita Kansas Metro area give me call.

Go ahead give me a call... you won't be disappointed! I look forward to working with you in the near future.

If you have any questions Call Now (316-524-6504) Ask for Jim, I always answer my own phone calls.

"Tuscany Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Collection" with a cinnamon finish (factory built)     Cherry Cabinet Showcase

This set of cabinets is part of the Tuscany Cherry Wood Cabinet Collection.In the back ground, Joe and Kathy decided to have me  venetian plaster the wall in the background. I think this added a great deal of warmth to their new kitchen. Wouldn't  you agree? 

Click on the photo to the right to to enlarge it.

                          Lets work together on you next remodeling project to build you a better kitchen!

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