The Google Gadget that could.

CustomRSS is a Highly Customizable Google Personalized Homepage RSS Reader

CustomRSS is a highly customizable Google Gadget for your personalized Google homepage. It has plenty of options, allowing you to tweak it to look exactly how you want. It also adds functionality by dynamically expanding and showing the contents of the feed (complete with formatted HTML and images) without leaving the gadget.


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The live example to the right, which is currently set to show stories from, is the default configuration... but it can be customized as you see fit.

The gadget's options may be overwhelming to some users since it requires entering HEX colors (i.e. 9F9F9F) and other html values. I wish Google allowed more flexibility in the preferences section for gadgets so I could make it more user friendly... Unfortunately, it may be too "down and dirty" for some users!


David Gurak

CustomRSS Options Include:

  • Enter your own gadget title
  • Choose your feed
    • Use one gadget per feed
    • Color code them for easy reading!
  • Number of items to show
    • Between 1-9
  • Gadget background color
  • Gadget Border
    • Rounded edges or solid line borders
  • Item bullets
    • Automatically uses the site's favicon.ico
    • Override the favicon.ico with another image
    • Option to use other text bullets as well
  • Link colors/styles
  • Font family and font sizes
  • Show/Hide story date
  • Open links in new window, or open story preview inline
  • Opened story color and font options
  • ...and more!

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