Ballard House Duet

The first Custom Made Play Project, Ballard House Duet, was developed with playwright Paul Mullin, actors Hana Lass and Rebecca Olson, and director Erin Kraft.

Two estranged sisters reconnect at a house in Ballard to rescue their Great Aunt from a premature death at the hands of her own compulsive hoarding. As they wade through a lifetime of accumulated possessions - and personal grudges - they must decide: What has value and what are they better off just throwing away?

Performance History
Thurs-Mon (preview Thursday 12/6)
7:30 PM
Washington Ensemble Theater | The Little Theatre
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World Premier Limited Edition scripts are available before the performance at the box office, and for a limited time on ebay.

The first phase (development) took place in Fall/Winter of 2011. The second phase (workshopping) was completed in Spring 2012. The third phase (production) took place in Fall/Winter 2012. Washington Ensemble Theatre invited us to produce Ballard House Duet
as part of their Ensemble Presents series, at the Little Theatre on Capitol Hill in December 2012.

Artists & Co-Producers
Paul Mullin - Playwright
Rebecca Olson - Actress

Hana Lass - Actress
Erin Kraft - Director

Designers & Crew
Christine Meyers - Costume Design
Greg Carter - Scenic Design
Marnie Cumings - Lighting Design
James Schreck - Sound Design

Daphne Maurides - Props
Brandy A Beauchamp - Stage Manager
Richard Sloniker - Graphic Design
LaRae Lobdell - Photography