Custom frame less showers made to your exact specifications.
You choose size, thickness and hardware. Get some ideas from our photo gallery.
But first, let us show you some glass..
Choose from a variety of glass colors and types, including clear, low-iron, frosted, bronze or gray glass. Upgrade to low-iron glass for the clearest, highest quality glass you can purchase.

Starphire™ Ultra-Clear Glass See the beauty, not the glass.
Starphire ultra-clear glass by PPG represents the ultimate in ultra-clear glass technology. 

While conventional clear glass becomes progressively greener as specified thicknesses increase, Starphire glass remains ultra-clear and allows true colors to shine through—even at thicknesses of up to ¾ inch.

Its unique blue edge adds a stunning and dramatic visual appeal to all types of customized decorative glass throughout the interior of your home, including counter tops, tabletops, back splashes, shelving, doors, partitions, handrails and banisters.
When combined with Clarvista™ glass coating by PPG for shower and tub enclosures, Starphire glass maintains its superior clarity and brilliance for many years, without the dullness that can come from repeated exposure to heat and humidity.

Make an informed decision as a homeowner, you’re making a significant investment in your customized interior glass. Compare Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass by PPG to conventional clear glass on clarity and color transmittance. Call us and ask for Starphire glass, the clearest float glass available, then visit to see the difference for yourself.

Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed with heat to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension.
Choose glass edging when ordering furniture glass and mirrors.
Customize the type of edge you want. Choose either beveled or flat polished, 

Corners can be finished with an eased corner, a polished corner & more.Call us to find out more.. 

Most common uses for different thickness of glass.

1/8" Protective glass for:

table & desk surfaces, antiques, picture frames.

3/16" Custom glass for:

Cabinet doors, insulated glass, small custom shelves, table tops and older windows.

1/4" Custom glass for:

shelves, fireplace doors and for desk & tabletop protection.

3/8" and 1/2" Custom glass for:

shelves, glass wall panels, glass windows, patio tables, shower doors and table tops. The thickness gives glass more strength.

Not all thicknesses are available in colors.