Custom Essay Writing Service That Accept PayPal as a Payment

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When deciding to purchase a custom essay order, you should know the available methods of payment. Different custom writing services provide different methods. In the majority of cases, students are well aware of the payment details and do not need and additional information.

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Order essay online and know these advantages:

  • You don't spend time on driving. This helps you save time and effort on writing. The Internet companies are attractive because they are available any time and at any distance.
  • Online services help you follow the writing process and correct the paper deadline, if possible. Customer can communicate both with customer care and with the writer directly.
  • Buying essays online helps you work with the writer directly. You have an opportunity to collaborate with your writer, providing him/her with found information or specific pieces of information devoted to the class lectures.
  • You should know that if you order essays online, you are provided with the plagiarism report. You also have an opportunity to download the paper from our website as well as get it delivered to your personal email address.

However, if you decide to purchase a custom essay order, but do not know how to pay for it, you can find all the necessary information on the site of the writing service. Another way to find out about the custom essay order payment details is to contact the support team. The expert members of the support team will explain all the details and you will be able to choose the most appropriate form of payment.

This page is aimed at providing you with the information about the methods of payment available with our custom writing service.

You can use your credit card to pay for your custom essay order.

These days almost all people use credit cards to pay for their purchases. It is the most affordable and convenient method of payment and many students prefer it to many other ones. Our writing company accepts all major credit cards, such as Visa and Master Card.

Many students prefer PayPal to provide payment for custom essay order.

This way of payment is the fastest and the most convenient. So, if you got used to paying through the PayPal, it is not a problem for our writing service.

Pay to write an essay using Bitcoin as a payment.

There are customers who are interested in paying services via Bitcoin. We give them this opportunity as well.

Paying for the custom essay online order using Wire Transfer.

If you prefer this method to pay for your custom essay paper order, you are welcome to fill in a pro-forma invoice and provide your payment. Whatever method of payment you choose, be sure to get a quality service from our writing company.

Discounts for those who buy custom essays with us:

  • A lifetime discount. Such discount is spread on all customers who place orders with us constantly. The more orders are placed, the higher discount rate is offered. If one feels that the number of bought essays allows him/her pay less, it is possible to contact our Customer Care and ask for a discounts code.
  • A help-a-friend discount. Using our services and having understood that we offer top quality papers, students can advise their friends to buy custom papers using paypal with us. In this case, both are provided with discounts once a friend’s paper is completed. A help-a-friend discounts can be summed up with a lifetime discount.
  • An individual discount. When a student buys a custom paper of an exceptional length, he/she can ask for a discount. In this case, a student should contact our Customer Care, explain a situation and ask for a discount code. In most cases, such discounts are offered for those who write theses or dissertations.
  • A seasonal discount. Such kind of discount is offered for those who place orders during low seasons.


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