Let A Six Minute Documentary Promote you, your cause, product, business or organization.

Los Angeles, CA—In this day of the Internet’s Social Media sites and the instant gratification a Google search brings, it’s important to have your own strong video pop up in the results.

Putting up something homemade on YouTube will make you or what you’re trying to promote look weak.

Embedding a professional video with solid audio and proper editing on your website, YouTube or blog is very important.  The good news is that it’s cheaper and better than ever.  You can also put your video up on selected cable channels while targeting your audience.

We will produce, write, and give you a high definition broadcast quality video that will set you apart from your competition.  Embedded video is more important than ever on your website.

Give me a call at 310-420-9450 and we can give you a quick estimate of the cost involved. It's cheaper than you think!

Below is a video I produced to help an author sell his book.  I was no stranger to the subject of the video and had been covering it as an investigative producer/reporter for over two decades.  Click on the full screen button to see this full size.

a sample of our work