Choosing Your Cloth Diapers

There are endless ways to customize your diaper!  Before you order, there are a few decisions you'll need to make...

Choose your size:
Small (8lbs - 20lbs)
Medium (18lbs - 28lbs)
Large (25lbs - 40lbs)
One Size Pocket Diaper (10lbs - 35lbs)

Would you like a "hook and loop" or "snap" closure?

                                                                                                                                            Hook and Loop                            Snap

What fabric would you like on the outside of your diaper?
  The outer fabric is PUL (polyurethane lined) fabric.  PUL is waterproof fabric. These are the current PUL Choices: 
(click the image to view larger swatches)

Which type of fabric would you like on the inside of your diaper? This fabric will be against your baby's skin.
  The inner fabric can be either flannel or anti-pill fleece. These are the color choices for both.
In addition to all the colorful fleece & flannel choices, we also have the option of Ivory fleece. 
(click the image to view larger swatches)