About Denise

I grew up on the coast of southern Maine and lived in almost every state in New England before settling in Connecticut and starting my family.  From the birth of my first child, I was determined to cloth diaper our children - despite attempts, from family members, to discourage me. Many people still think of diaper pins and rubber pants when "cloth diapering" is mentioned. What they don't realize is that cloth diapers have evolved into a fashionable, easy to use, affordable alternative to disposables.  Luckily, at that time, we had a local cloth diaper shop.  The women who worked there were passionate about cloth diapers.  I was too.  They showed me many of the different varieties of diapers that are available for purchase, today.  I have tried fitted diapers with a rubber/waterproof pant.  I have tried prefolds with a waterproof cover.  I have tried pocket diapers.  I fell in love with pocket diapers and have been using them since our son was born, in 2004.  When our daughter was born, in 2005, we were able to use the same pocket diapers, for her.  The cost savings was enormous.  I have cloth diapered all four of our children - including 15 month old twins who are the inspiration behind CustomClothByDenise.