Why Cloth?
Before my first child was born, I had my mind made up, and my heart set on cloth diapering. It was just something I felt very strongly about. Once my husband saw the cost savings, it didn't take him long to jump on board and give his full support. When you consider the cost of cloth diapers, it's important to remember that they are reusable. You can't say that about a disposable diaper! Once it's used, you have to buy more... and more... and more! With cloth, one you've bought them, you can continue to use them for baby number 2, 3, 4 - or more!! And aside from maybe having to buy new inserts as the old ones wear out, you're set util all your children potty train. You can't say that about disposables either! And let's not forget how soft a cloth diaper is against your baby's skin. Who wouldn't want to have soft micro-fleece or flannel against their baby's soft bottom? Ask any cloth diapering mommy and I am willing to bet she'll tell you that her child doesn't get diaper rash. As a cloth diapering mother of four, I can honestly say that none of my children have ever had diaper rash, while wearing a cloth diaper. In fact, I've never purchased a tube of diaper cream - ever.

The Approximate Cost of Disposable Diapers
(using a moderately-priced brand)

Diaper Size Cost Per Box Number of Diapers Per Box Approximate Weight for This Size Cost Per Diaper Average Number of Diapers in This Size Total Cost for This Size
1 $35.99 264 8-14 pounds $0.14 900 (10-12 changes/day 0-3 months) $126.00
2 $35.99 228 12-18 pounds $0.16    
3 $32.99 204 16-28 pounds $0.16 2160 (8-10 changes/day 3-12 months) $345.60
4 $35.99 180 22-37 pounds $0.20    
5 $34.22 150 over 27 pounds $0.23 3780 (7-8 changes/day 12-30 months) $869.40
6 $40.00 136 over 35 pounds $0.29    
Total Cost for Disposables $1,341.00
The Approximate Cost of Cloth Diapers

Diaper Size Cost Per Diaper Number of Diapers Needed Approximate Weight for This Size Total Cost for This Size
Small $18.00 20 8-20 pounds $360.00 Most Children Wear Two Sizes
Medium $19.00 20 18-28 pounds $380.00 (typically small and large) 
Large $20.00 20 25-40 pounds $400.00 Before Potty Training
Total Cost for Cloth Diapers$760.00

Energy Costs: three loads per week for approximately 30 months - with an electric hot water heater costing approximately $0.34 per load: 
3 loads per week x $0.34 per load = $1.02 in energy cost per week
$1.02 in energy x 4.25 weeks per month = $4.34 in energy per month
$4.34 per month x approximately 30 months until potty training = $130.22 in energy from birth to potty training

Still not convinced that cloth diapering is the way to go?  You may be surprised to learn that cloth diapers have an excellent resale value.  Gently used cloth diapers sell, online and at diaper swaps across the country, for half (or more) of the original cost.  Depending on the brand, some cloth diapers can sell for MORE than the original purchase price.