How the club works-
  • Place your order with us by call 970-673-7255, email @ welovecupcakes@custombakedgoodsco.com, or visit  facebook.com/custombakedgoods and leave us a message! 
  • After we take your order we will get you set-up for your delivery dates. You can pick 3, 6, or 12 months, of which you can pick any month for delivery. 
  • We will notify you by phone, text, Facebook, or email when we will be getting ready to deliver subscriptions, just so you are prepared for these delicious treats to be delivered right to your door! 
  • Delivery in included within Greeley city limits and only $2-$5 a month for anyone outside of the city (some exclusions may apply). All subscription are prepaid, with half due at time of order and the other half due before your first delivery. 
  • You can also place an order as a gift for someone else. Everything is done in the same manner, except we just deliver the cupcakes to a different address.


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12 Cupcakes:

Special pricing is available for multiple orders! Contact us today to discuss your next order!

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