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Latin America – General


CISLAC - Latin America Solidarity Australia (Aust)

Latin American Newsletters (UK)

Upside Down World

haiti-cuba-venezuela> analysis (Blog)

Latin American Solidarity Coalition (US)

Latin America Solidarity Committee (NZ)

Latin America Solidarity Committee Blog (NZ)

Campaign for Labor Rights - CLR (US)

Central America Women’s Network CAWN (UK)

Progressio (UK)

New Internationalist

3rd Americas Social Forum Guatemala October 2008



Bolivia Solidarity Network

Bolivian Information Agency –ABI

Evo Morales - Nobel Peace Prize Campaign

The Democracy Center (Blog)

Bolivia Rising (Blog)

Open veins



The Pinochet file (BBC)



Colombia Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Peace & Justice for Colombia  (Aust)



Cuba Solidarity - Links Page

Cuba Solidarity – Cuba Five Page


El Salvador


FMLN Revista Informativa (Canada)

CISPES - The Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (US)



Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala - NISGUA (US)

Guatemala Human Rights Commission - USA (US)



Haiti Action 

Institute For Justice & Democracy in Haiti

Haiti Analysis



Mexico Solidarity Network

The Maquila Solidarity Network - MSN



Nicaragua Network (US

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign - NSC (UK)




Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network (Aust)

Venezuelan Analysis

Americans for Chavez (US)

America's War on Venezuela

Antiwar.Com – Venezuela Section (US)

U.S. Hands Off Venezuela (US)

Venezuela Solidarity Network (US)

British Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Hands Off Venezuela! (UK)

Venezuela Information Centre (UK)