Colombo Declaration

Asia-Pacific Regional Conference for Solidarity with Cuba


Final Declaration

This 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference for Solidarity with Cuba held on 14-15 June in Colombo, Sri Lanka, expresses its solidarity with the efforts of the government and people of Cuba to develop its society and economy according to their own wishes without hindrance by any foreign forces.


The 286 delegates from 18 countries extend their full support for future development of Cuba in the interests of its own people.


This conference energetically condemns the continuing imprisonment of the Five Cubans held illegally under false charges and demands their immediate release.


We consider this an act of double standards because at the same time self-confessed terrorist Posada Carriles walks free on the streets of Miami. We demand that he should be extradited to Venezuela so justice can take its course.


This Asia-Pacific Regional Conference calls on the U.S. Government to free the Cuban Five immediately.


The Conference also calls for the immediate cessation of the economic, financial, and trade blockade by the United States of America on Cuba.


The people of the Asia-Pacific region salute the Cuban people and its government on the achievements during the 50 years of their socialist revolution and we continue to support Cuba against any foreign intervention and to safeguard its sovereignty.


Long live Cuba!


Long live the Cuban Revolution!


Long live solidarity with the Cuban people!