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Welcome !
This site was created in order to provide Clovis Unified ROP Firefighting Technology students with the ability to access vital classroom information and materials at anytime. 
Students - you are encouraged to check this site often. I hope you enjoy your journey in this class. At times it may prove to be very challenging and quite difficult, but if you apply yourself, the rewards can be great. Please understand, while in this class, you will be expected to work hard, exhibit self discipline, strive for excellence and adopt a positive attitude. This class will help prepare you for a rewarding career in the Fire Service. In addition, the knowledge, skills and abilities you will gain will aid you in becoming a responsible, independent, thriving young adult. 

Congratulations on your commitment to become apart of this class and welcome aboard.

Good luck, and remember to always STAY SAFE,
Captain Finfrock

Attitude .... the ONLY thing you can control.
"The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. 
Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. 
It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. 
It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company ... a church ... a home. 
The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. 
We cannot change the inevitable. 
The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude ... 
I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. 
And so it is with you ... we are in charge of our Attitudes."

By, Charles Swindoll

EMT Class being offered by ALERT MEDICAL !
Alert medical is offering an EMT class in Fresno. They can be contacted at (559) 456-6006 and are located at 2750 N. Clovis Ave. Suite 105, Fresno, CA 93727. They can also be contacted at for their most current class schedule and cost information. Web site:

You need AED / CPR / BLS Training & Certification ? 
Contact: Be Prepared CPR Training
Owner: Teresa Wyble, EMT1, RESGT
(559) 903-3108
Classes are held in the Clovis area and are very responsibly priced for current C.U.S.D. Fire Tech students and alumni.

Fire Tech Student - Turn-out Gear Washing / Cleaning Instructions:

The firefighting turn-out gear assigned to you in this class was donated by surrounding Fire Department's. It is no longer suitable for emergency use, namely because of current NFPA standards, however it is in excellent shape for our needs and training. You will not be exposed to any significant thermal threat nor IDLH atmospheres while training in this class. It is critically important that you take great care of your assigned turn-out gear, including keeping them clean and knowing where they are at all times. You are responsible for any lost of gear once it has been assigned to you. 

Instructions on cleaning your turn-out gear are listed below. 

    1. Wash inner liners and outer shells separately.
    2. Wash in COLD water only.
    3. Use normal laundry soap.
    4. Do not place turn-outs in the dryer - let drip dry
    5. Do not the assemble inner liners and outer shells until they are completely dry.
    6. Protective hoods should also be washed in cold water and not placed in the dryer. Let drip dry.
    7. DON'T wash your suspenders, gloves or helmet in the washing machine - if they are dirty rinse them off with a hose.

Link to Class 9 Shirt Order Form:

Class 9 Tee Shirt Order Link

Step-by-step Advise how to begin your Fire Service Career..
Here is a great video from the State Fire Marshals Office / Training Division on what steps to take in order to realize your career in the Fire Service. Take a look !

Fire Service Career Pathway - A step-by-step guide:

NOTICE: 2017 USFS Job Opportunities. Check it out !!

Fire Behavior training with our new MAX Firebox Prop ...

YouTube Video

A video of our recent field trip to the CALFIRE / Fresno County Fire Protection District's training facility. Just one of the many items our students experienced that day was a brief demonstration of their live fire Flashover prop. Thanks to their entire Training Staff for being so generious with their time and resources. The students had an amazing time - THANK YOU again. 

YouTube Video

Congratulations to the following C.U.S.D. Firefighting Technology Alumni students who graduated from the Fresno City College Fire Academy. 
We are very proud of each one of you, and best of luck on moving forward in your career in the Fire Service. Remember to stay safe and stay dedicated to excellence !

Fire Academy Class #41
Nick Fisher

Fire Academy Class #42
Nathan Hansen
Tyler Kammerer
Christian Souza

Fire Academy Class #43
Ryann Hernandez

Fire Academy Class #44
Tyler Bottorff
Chase Brannum
Arthur Cortez
Cole Dewees
Skyler Ellis
Morgon Greer
Alexander Reichman

Fire Acadmey Class #45
Christian Mendoza
Clayton Liu
Robert Meister

Fire Academy Class #46
Manual "Manny" Garcia
Sergio Gonzales
Dustin Lopez
Joshua Watson
Robert "RJ" Loewen
Marshal Pearce
Andrew Renteria

Fire Academy Class #47
Alyasa Coronado
Charles "CJ" Sells

Fire Academy Class #48
Matthew "Hunter" Arellano
Xavier Bermudez Jr.
Alexander Bernabe
Hunter Grossman

Fire Academy Class #49
Senteno Aguerria

Fire Academy Class #50
Sean Lung
Darren Royal
Nick Mazzeo
Cody Merkord

C.U.S.D. Fire Tech .... Do you have what it takes ?

YouTube Video

A short sample of what a Firefighter Academy is Like .....

YouTube Video

A true American Hero - Marcus Luttrell (Lone Survivor) explains what happened during operation Red Wings. Great advise to live life by - in general, NEVER QUIT !

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

News coverage on 3-10-16 of our ROP program:

Annual Firefighter Fatality Map (by year)

Career Skills Challenge 2017 !
Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Career Skills Challenge 2017. You represented yourselves and the CUSD Fire Tech program in very professional manner. I'm very proud of all of you !! 

2015 Firefighting Career Skills Challenge
Music video of the 2015 Firefighting Career Skills Challenge. Congratulations to all those who competed and thank you to all those who attended. Special thanks to Clovis HS student Wyatt Navarro for making this video possible - great job !

YouTube Video

CUSD ROP Firefighting Technology - Fire Apparatus and Equipment:

The Fresno Fire Department graciously donated the program a fully functional 1992 BECK Fire Apparatus pictured below. In addition each Fire Tech student is assigned a full-set of actual firefighting protective gear which includes: (helmet, fire protective hood, turn-out coat, turn-out pants, fire boots and gloves) of which have been graciously donated by the Clovis Fire Department and CALFire Fresno/Kings Ranger Unit. 

Students in the Fire Tech program also have available to them an array of manipulative training props such as a full cadre of ground ladders, the jaws of life, a search and rescue entanglement prop and a forcible entry door prop. The program also enjoys 30 fully functional self contained breathing apparatus with over 85 pressurized bottles in reserve inventory allowing students a realistic, yet safe training experience. 

Both the Fresno and Clovis Fire Departments have also donated the program hundreds of feet of fire hose of all sizes, including nozzles, which allow students the opportunity to actually manipulate and handle fire hose under a variety of circumstances, again adding to their realistic, yet safe training experience.

   Pictured: CUSD ROP Fire Tech Apparatus


Be honest, Don't deceive, cheat or steal. Be reliable - Do what you say you'll do. Have the courage to do the right thing, even when nobody is looking. Build a good reputation. Be loyal - stand by your family, friends and country.

Treat others with respect; follow the golden rule. Be tolerant and accepting of differences. Use good Manners, not bad language. Be considerate of the feelings of others. Don't threaten, hit or hurt anyone. Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements.

Do what you are supposed to do. Plan ahead. Persevere, keep trying, never quit. Always do your best. Use self-control. Be self-disciplined. Think before you act - consider the consequences. Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes. Set a good example for others to follow.

Play by the rules. Take turns and share. Be open minded; listen to others. Don't take advantage of others. Don't blame others carelessly. Treat all people fairly.

Be kind. Be compassionate and show you care. Express your gratitude. Forgive others. Help people in need.

Due your share to make your school and community better. Cooperate. Get involved in the community. Stay informed. Be a good neighbor. Obey laws and rules. Respect authority. Protect the environment. Volunteer.

CUSD Firefighting Technology Class Location:
Clovis Unified's ROP Firefighting Technology class is home based out of Clovis East High School, rooms 501/502 located at 2940 E. Leonard Ave. Clovis, CA  93619 (559) 327-4000. This Class is open to all Clovis Unified Junior and Senior students from all five of Clovis Unified School District's High Schools. 

We're going paperless ! Students will access most exams (tests / quizzes) directly from this site under the "Exam" page found on the navigation bar to the left. Most exams will be taken electronically. Students can use a variety of electronic devices to takes their exams (phones / pads / computers), in addition there are computers available in class for students to use. Each exam will be unlocked and made "available" during a specific time frame to allow students to complete their assignment(s). All exams are date and time stamped electronically when the exam is submitted for grading. Once the exam is graded, each student will receive an email of their results. 

Students - What to check your grade or for missing assignments ?

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Fresno City College (FCC) Fire Academy - Contact Information:
Jacob McAffee - Fire Academy Director
2930 E. Annadale Ave.
Fresno, CA  93725

Flashover Video - Did you know a structure fire can double in size every 45 seconds !

Firefighter Jobs:
Ever wonder how good the job market is to become a Firefighter?  For a small monthly fee at they will notify you of thousands of Fire Service job openings across the country. Check it out !

The Clovis Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, disability, or national origin in admission or access to and treatment of employment in its programs and activities as required by Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504.  Complaints: Contact Barry Jager, Human Resources, (559) 327-9308.


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